The computer game Fortnite won the nomination “Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay” awarded by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. And if the recognition of the largest authority in the field of online entertainment is not an argument for you, let's find some reasons ourselves to start playing Fortnite right now.


Fortnite is suitable for players who prefer a wide variety of gameplay directions

Among the variety of game genres, it is difficult to find online entertainment that will attract people of different tastes and allow them to interact in an open world.

Fortnite is described as a sandbox of cooperative survival in the genre. 

But, in fact, the game has four interrelated formats that allow you to choose your favorite activity:

  • Fight the Storm mode is an epic PvE campaign;
  • Battle Royale (Royal battle) - gives preference to PvP interactions;
  • Creative mode (Creative mode) - prioritizes the creation of worlds and will appeal to fans of sandboxes;
  • The fans of entertainment and non-aggressive games will like Party Royal .

Fortnite is free to play

Three of the four Fortnite game modes do not require entry fees. Battle Royale, Party Royale, and Creative Mode accept all participants who have correctly registered their account.

Fortnite is easy to play

Introducing a new game can be tricky and can scare players away with confusing rules or cumbersome hierarchy of tasks. This does not apply to Fortnite, here the gameplay is easy and simple to master. It is enough to play a few matches to understand the site navigation, character management, mechanics and tactics of the game.

Ability to play with friends and quick start

Do you know how many people play Fortnite? The game has almost 3 million online fans! Therefore, from the moment you press the "Play" button, and until the start of the match, it takes only 2 to 60 seconds. You can play solo or with a friend. Well, if you have a lot of friends, it will be fun to get on the bus with a whole team!

Why the game is unique

In Fortnite, every game is different from the previous one. You can never predict what kind of adventure is waiting for the characters today. The game environment is constantly changing: once a participant receives a rare loot, and the next time he meets unexpected obstacles. The unpredictable result of matches makes you want to win back and improve your skills. Fortnite is guaranteed to provide a unique experience and excitement that keeps players coming back to the island again and again.

Stunning visual design

Fortnite graphics are simply mesmerizing with their detail and thoughtfulness. The designers of Epic Games focused on creating animated space and characters, which reduces the level of aggression and makes the gameplay more carefree. The graphics engine allows each participant to customize the balance of performance and picture quality.

Realistic audio

The sound design of Fortnite reflects everything that happens so realistically which makes a person completely immersed in the world of a magical island. All objects and actions declare themselves: the sounds of footsteps, the movement of vehicles, signals from precious chests. Playing Fortnite requires a good headset, it makes the rest more realistic, and gives you an edge in competition.

No cheating

Epic Games is actively fighting against fraud. The hackers received more than one lawsuit from the company's administration. After all, no matter how ideal the game is, if it is easy to change it with the help of cheats, all participants will sooner or later be unhappy. Insiders report that Epics hire private companies to prevent cheat attacks. Today, the founders of Epic Games are deservedly proud of the fact that Fortnite is as free as possible from illegal software modifications.

Constant updates

Why have millions of players been playing Fortnite for years? Because it's not boring here! Developers from Epic Games regularly update the game environment, add skins, weapons and loot. The game has a fascinating story that is constantly evolving. The excitement is caused by modern heroes who meet players on the island: LeBron James, Rick Sanchez, Iron Man and many other characters.

The opportunity to make a career as an esports player

Any Fortnite fan can develop, compete in tournaments, and become a pro. For many esports players, participation in PvP championships is a good source of income.

As you can see, we've found 10 reasons to start playing Fortnite right now. In fact, there are many more of them, because Fortnite is a whole world in which everyone will find something they like!