Fortnite has great news - Ariana Grande is leading the Rift Tour. Everything secret, sooner or later, becomes clear, and now we know what intrigue was hidden by the mysterious countdown timer. A full-scale alien invasion has been postponed. Although, who knows, Epics can combine two completely different events ...

When is the Fortnite Rift Tour?

The magical worlds of Ariana Grande will be open for three days - August 7, 8 and 9, 2021.


Headliner Information

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress. The girl amazes listeners with an unusual deep timbre of her voice, her debut album started from the first places in the charts. The last album of the performer entitled "Positions" was released on October 30, 2020.

Ariana Grande is the most popular Instagram girl, with an army of 205 million followers following her life. The singer is called a style icon for a reason, she is the official face of the Givenchy fashion house.

When is Ariana Grande's Fortnite concert?

In order for players from all over the world to attend the event, the Fortnite administration organized 5 performances. Everyone will be able to choose a convenient time for themselves.

Ariana Grande's concert schedule (Kyiv time):

  • 08/07/2021 (Saturday), at 01:00;
  • 08/07/2021 (Saturday), at 21:00;
  • 08/08/2021 (Sunday), at 07:00;
  • 08.08.2021 (Sunday), at 19:00;
  • 08/09/2021 (Monday), at 01:00.


In order not to miss the event, enter Fortnite one hour before the start of the show. Rift tour is activated half an hour before the announced time. At the start of the show, attendees will see a selection of Fortnite lore and gameplay themed speeches. They will creatively combine bright gaming moments and popular music tracks. Ariana Grande's performance concludes the celebration.

To make the Rift Tour turn into an event that will be remembered for a long time, invite your friends to the trip. A new tab has appeared in the game menu, which is called "Rift-tour". Open it and choose the concert you want to attend, check the start time of the event and learn about new quests dedicated to the event.

Ariana Grande Introduces Icon Series to Fortnite

On 08/05/2021, the Icon Series of items will appear in the Fortnite store. From the official trailer, the set will include an Ariana Grande outfit, a blow kiss emote and a funny piggy back decoration.

Rift Tour Quests and Gifts

The main tasks of the Rift-tour are already open in Fortnite, they are easy to find under the menu button. 

After completing simple steps, until August 9, you can receive the following rewards:

  • Loading screen;
  • Emoji;
  • Graffiti;
  • In addition, all participants of the event will get a multi-colored "Hugging Umbrella" free of charge.

Bonuses for Fortnite Crew Members

Subscribers to the Fortnite Crew, as always, have preferences. 

Each member of the subscription, having opened the game in the period from 08/05/2021, at 17:00 (of Kyiv time), to 08/05/2021, at 17:00, will receive 3 presentations by default:

  • Glider "Rainbow Cloudcruiser";
  • Banner Icon;
  • Loading Screen "Sky Up High".

Important! During the Rift Tour, regional distinctions are canceled! All fans of the singer and Fortnite fans can participate in the celebration at a convenient time for themselves.

Even if you are not yet familiar with Fortnite, there is a reason and an opportunity to discover this world together with the star Ariana Grande. 

The game is free to download and available on:

  • Personal computers;
  • Nintendo Switch;
  • Android;
  • Xbox.

Ariana Grande, the most gifted and intriguing contemporary performer, invites you on an adventure through the magical Fortnite space. Rift Tour is waiting for you!