The invasion of aliens continues, they are expanding their presence by any means and changing the situation on the map. Each new patch arouses genuine interest from players, and this is not surprising. After all, even the smallest changes affect the gameplay and the outcome of the Battle Royale.

Battle Royale Updates v17.20

Epic Games has tweaked a large number of Battle Royale inconsistencies in version 17.20:

  • Ziplines are back in the game;
  • Grimey's equipment can be updated again;
  • Merchant rifts can be used again;
  • Fixed errors in the menu when pressing a combination of buttons.

In the long-awaited patch, the wardrobe has been updated and a yellow robot from the streamer  called Gildedguy has appeared. There is also a series of skins that can be changed with wraps and new graffiti.

Priority slots for items

In Battle Royale, a new parameter has been announced - priority slots for items. Now it will be much easier for players to deal with their arsenal and consumables. To use a new option, go to the items menu, click on the "Play" button and check the convenience of quick sorting out. By default, the first slot contains an automatic rifle, the second contains a shotgun. The third and fourth slots are not occupied, and the fifth position is assigned to consumables.

With the start of the v17.20 update, each character can change the order of fixing items, taking into account their own preferences. To change the tab of the slots, you need to click on the "Configure" button and indicate which weapon will be here. The priority slot will be filled according to the setting and supported by the programmed key.

When filling the slots with rarer items in priority, epic weapons will always automatically replace rare or unusual ones. Auto-placement of consumables remains active and works together with priority filling of slots.

Announcement of a new tournament "Late Game" from Bugha

Epics have announced a new "Late Game" tournament from Bugha, thus celebrating the hero's entry into the "Icon Series". Players applying for participation in the tournament are landed on the island, grouped by 3 people and receive random layouts. Players with 1500 points or more before 07/28/21 become participants in the one-day "Late Game" tournament from Bugha.

The fight will consist of two rounds, the start time depends on the region and the whole competition will last no more than four hours. Open the "Competitions" tab and specify the information.

The cash prize of 100,000 US dollars will be distributed among the regions:

  • North America (2 regions);
  • Brazil;
  • Europe;
  • Oceania;
  • Asia;
  • Middle East.

The player who takes the first place in Europe will receive $ 14,000.

Important! Only players who have reached the age of 13 and have passed two-factor identification of their personal account can take part in the arena mode. It is forbidden to play on the basis of devices with iOS, as well as citizens living in Syria, Somalia, Cuba and Crimea.

Bugha Bundle

A set of items from Bugha has already appeared in the item store.

Bugha is dancing with his elbows, and if you like that kind of emotion, get the whole set and enjoy the original outfit. The set also includes a pickaxe and a back decoration featuring Zoe's cute pug.

The player’s outfit supports 3 styles:

  • Standart;
  • Elite;
  • The image of the world champion.

Battle Royale continues, with 17.20 updates improving game organization and new gear. And the champion Bugha invites everyone to take part in his "Late Game" tournament.