Creative Mode in Fortnite is a place where gameplay masters can get creative and create their own Fortnite worlds.

Each player who has devoted more than one hour of their time to the gameplay of Fortnite has their own ideas about the rules of the game, the organization of space and the capabilities of the characters. Epic Games has opened a creative mode that allows you not only to create your own islands, but also to set your own rules there, publish on the network and invite friends to your world.

The new islands are accessed from the Creative Center. The player can visit their own island, a friend's island, or one of the recommended islands supported by the Fortnite administration.


How to get to the island?

To get to the creative island, you must consistently perform the following steps:

  • Launch Fortnite;
  • Select the "Creative Mode" tab in the menu;
  • Press the "Change" button;
  • In the menu that opens, click on the "Play", "Island Code" and the Enter key sequentially.
  • In the new window, enter the island code;
  • Click on the "Start" button.

What is an island code?

Each island created in Creative mode has a personal code. This set of characters allows you to find any game ever developed on the platform.

The rules of the Creative mode

General rules apply to all games created in Creative mode.

Each game server is only available for 4 hours in a row. The creator of the island invites friends at his own discretion and only he can allow guests to build or edit anything. You can add any Fortnite player to your team if there is “For Everyone” access in its settings. A team can have no more than 16 players at a time.

To move, copy or make any other changes of objects, use the phone. This is the most essential gadget with very interesting features.

To quickly move around the map, use the flight mode. Double-clicking on the jump button (space bar) lifts the character into the air. In-flight, you can also continue to make changes to the gameplay.

How to work in the "My Island" menu?

When the participant is on the island, to open the menu, click on the Tab button and select the "My Island" tab. The beginning and the end of the game are determined by pressing the "Play" button.

The menu also contains the following tabs:

  • "Interface" - displays the score, timer indicators, statistics and the winner;
  • "Parameters" - programs the landing point, fall damage, health indicators;
  • "Tools" - after battles returns the island to its original state;
  • "Access rights" - allows you to select players with permission to change and allow them to copy content;
  • "Description" - contains the name of the island, its description, mandatory rules and instructions for participants.

How to use the creative inventory?

To find creative inventory, click on the Tab button or go to the inventory menu. The author can place ready-made structures, weapons and consumables in his world, as well as create his own content. The owner of the island can fill precious chests and llamas with loot at his discretion.

Not the entire list of items used in other modes is available in Creative Mode. Most often, the restrictions relate to licensed, intellectual property. The developers claim that before providing content in a special mode, it is repeatedly tested and quality checked.

At the bottom of the screen is the "Memory Scale", it shows how many objects can still be placed on your map. All changes made by the player are saved automatically.

A personal island is a place for creativity. Gather your own team and go on a new adventure!