In 2021, esports competitions are being held around the world, followed by an audience of over 500 million people. For Fortnite fans, Epic Games organizes a variety of esports tournaments and streams. Competitions are held online, in Internet clubs, as well as in large sports arenas. Of particular interest are tournaments that take place in one room, through a single local network, while the progress of the game can be monitored on huge screens.

Esports as the secret of success


Esports as the secret of success

In important events, the prize pool can reach significant amounts, estiatined in millions of dollars. So in 2019, at the Fortnite World Championship, American teenager Kyle Girsdorf (nickname Bugha) received $ 3,000,000 for 1st place in single player mode. The prize fund of the tournament was $ 100 million.

Huge cash payments and fantastic fame of the leading esports players stimulate many teenagers to play hard at Fortnite and dream of a gaming sports career. Bugha skin, his personal emote, appeared in the Fortnite store. Such popularity makes one think: "If a  17-year-old American boy could achieve success, then so can I!"

What does a beginner esports player need to know?

An esports player's career begins in adolescence and even childhood. During this period, a person still does not earn money on his own and is completely dependent on his loved ones. Exercising is very time-consuming, and not all parents approve of this kind of pastime. Kyle Giersdorf's success is based on the support of his father, who also loves online games and shares his son's goals.

Advantages of an esports career

Making money while having fun is the dream of many people. Cyber Sportsmen included in the world TOP ratings earn at the luxury level and can provide for themselves for years to come. The prospect of worldwide fame and fan recognition is also tempting.

The lifestyle of an esports player involves traveling to different countries, communicating with interesting people, playing with high-level rivals.

Disadvantages of an esports career

Each phenomenon has two sides, and in the life of esports players not everything is as smooth as it might seem at first glance. In this environment, there is very high competition, only a few achieve success. To get into the premium level, you have to spend many hours, days, and even years training. To do this, you need to have a considerable reserve of self-confidence and clearly see your goal. Few people in 13, 17 and even 20 years old can say with certainty what they want to do in adulthood. It is also important to understand that an esports career often depends on random situations and remains unstable. By the age of thirty, a career ends, as new players appear with whom it is already difficult to withstand competition at that age.

E-sports, of course, hones the speed of decision-making, but a sedentary lifestyle often leads to excess weight and is harmful to health. Many players complain of visual impairment and disturbed sleep.

How to achieve results in esports?

If, after weighing all the pros and cons, you still decided to take Fortnite by storm, listen to the recommendations of the athletes who have achieved high results:

  • Set a goal, many play without a goal and do not understand that it is possible to develop.
  • Go through qualifications for school, student leagues, the national cup, participate in all available tournaments, collect experience and achievements.
  • A professional player needs a decent level of English to communicate.
  • It is important to keep fit.
  • If you are not a solo player, look for a team at a slightly higher level than the one you are on. This motivates you to develop.

And most importantly, be confident. Unpleasant situations happen to everyone. Do not give up!

The chance to get to the world level is small, but it is there.

Train, upgrade skills and loot big tournaments!