New items continue to appear in Battle Royale. Plasma cannon will make players remember physics lessons at school.

Where can I find the Plasma Cannon?

A new type of weaponry is hidden in the The Imagined Order’s chests and in regular chests that are scattered throughout the island. Or, alternatively, find Rick Sanchez and chat with him.


Can you create a plasma cannon by yourself?

Yes, you can craft a Plasma Cannon by yourself. The Imagined Order has creatively reworked the technology of aliens and now a new weapon can be made from the legendary pistol. Attach an alien nanobot to it and use the hybrid for your own purposes.

How does the Fortnite Plasma Cannon work?

The weapon fires plasma balls and is designed for 5 charges. One shot releases only 1 ball, which can subsequently split into 2 spheres. Each ball is surrounded by a powerful energy field.

What damage does a Plasma Cannon do?

After the shot, opponents caught in the zone of action of the electric field surrounding the ball, receive sensitive damage and are thrown in all directions. Cars and other equipment are also destroyed. If the knocked player can be held under the dome of the sphere, they will continue to receive damage for a long time.

The engineers of the IO do not doubt the construction talent of the aliens and in advance create an arsenal that can withstand the alien’s intelligence, so all buildings hit by the balls are destroyed almost instantly. With this weapon, you can quickly clear the area.

Even a single Plasma Cannon can give an advantage in the game. If you use several barrels alternately, then chaos in the range of the enemy is ensured. A series of rolling balls will simply crush enemy resistance.

New Fortnite weapons are inactive in competitive games.

An Inflate-A-Bull in Fortnite

An Inflate-A-Bull has appeared in Fortnite Competitive mode again. This strange circular device surprised and delighted the Fortnite community.

What does the Inflate-A-Bull look like?

An Inflate-A-Bull looks like a toy, an inflatable cow.

What is an Inflate-A-Bull for?

It is easy to get down from the hills with the help of the Inflate-A-Bull. The player turns into a huge inflatable ball that does not cause damage when falling, jumps along an inclined plane, bouncing off all surfaces. The developers suggest using it when retreating from the battlefield, since the speed of movement of the inflatable sphere exceeds the speed of a running person.

The second function of the Inflate-A-Bull is to detach alien parasites. If the character no longer needs the help of the sucker, the Inflate-A-Bull will crush the little monster.

How to use the gadget?

Put the Inflate-A-Bull on your back like a backpack, deploy it and double press the jump button.

What happens if you shoot an Inflate-A-Bull?

When hit by bullets or shells, the Inflate-A-Bull will burst and deflate. The important thing is that the character inside of the device remains unharmed. The damaged Inflate-A-Bull is regenerated over a period of time. If the player doesn’t deploy the ball himself, then he will be able to reuse it much faster. The state of the Inflate-A-Bull is displayed on a special scale.

Disadvantages of the Inflate-A-Bull

The activated Inflate-A-Bull attracts the attention of UFOs hovering in the sky. But, the speed of his movement and the possibility of a quick retreat outweigh the risks of meeting with flying saucers.

Fortnite gameplay is getting more interesting every day. Use the Plasma Cannon and save your character with the Inflate-A-Bull, it's really fun!