The more often updates appear, the more fun it is to play! What has changed in Fortnite with the release of the v17.30 update?

Battle royale

The Battle Royale continues in changed circumstances.

Destruction of the Slurpy Swamp

Aliens have stolen the Slurpy Swamp! The alien flagship with a huge stream of energy captures a piece of the island and raises it up. While the purpose of the aliens is not clear, but, most likely, they just want to destroy the location. In the area of ​​the beam, gravity is reduced, and players can use this fact when choosing a route of movement.



Fortnite fans have already heard about the new weapon - the grab-itron. He uses the same space technologies with which the aliens are destroying the Slurpy Swamp. For aliens, this is just a standard portable device, and our players have dubbed the gravitator a hand cymbal.

To attack, pull any available object with the disk, move it, and then throw it at enemies. In this way, you can inflict simply colossal damage. 

The amount of destruction depends on:

  • Flight time;
  • Flight speeds;
  • The size of the captured object;
  • The material of which the item is made.

How do you defend yourself with a grab-itron? Any captured object serves as a kind of shield, it takes all the damage directed at the character. Also, with the help of a hand saucer, you can grab grenades and throw them in the opposite direction. Gravel grips can be grinded in the flagship's quarters, on the rooftops of UFO abductors, and in regular chests. Remember that the grapple is not active in competitive modes.

Save The World

The battle with the storm continues! Update 17.30 changed the situation at the main base ... Less than a month left until the end of the season (04.09.21). The inconspicuous Shuriken again seeks to get into the control room of the radio station, because the main song of the summer must be played on the air!

The developers have changed the parameters of some skills. First of all, the damage done by grenades has increased, now the Husks will be more sensitive to this weapon. Skills Plugged Check, Stay Away and Cluster Bomb have also been upgraded.

Important! Watch the energy scale, as the power increases, the energy consumption increases significantly.

Surround Pound

08/08/2021, the deafening and destructive Surround Pound will arrive at the store. After striking the Earth's surface, Surround Pound generates sound impulses of horrific strength. Enemies caught in the zone of its influence take damage and scatter all sides.

Robo-Lock Set

The Robo-Lock set is on sale. 

The Robot Toaster has prepared a standard set of items for Fight the Storm fans:

  • Lok-Bot Hero;
  • Lok-Bot Pickaxe;
  • Lok-Bot Back Bling;
  • Robo-Lock Quests;
  • Access to Fight the Storm mode.
  • Robot Voice must be purchased separately.

Quinn's Quests

The 3rd series of Quinn quests will open on 15/08/2021. 

During these tasks, modifiers will change the following parameters:

  • Shields will start to regenerate faster;
  • Killed opponents will begin to heal the Husks;
  • Husks will have more health by default.

Creative mode

Fortnite Creative Mode brings a lot of nice new features along with the 17.30 patches, just get on with it!


Feel like God! After all, now the standard celestial coverage can be changed beyond recognition, and only you can decide which sun and moon will shine in your world! Match the color gradients of the sky and create your own unique skybox.


Epic Games engineers have changed the lighting settings. It is now easier to change the brightness and color of lights.

Important! Not all people tolerate flashing light well, so the Epic Games administration recommends placing such light installations with caution.

Animal generator

The 17.30 update will appeal to wildlife lovers. Chickens, frogs, and wolves can now cackle on your personal Fortnite Island. Well, if that's not enough, get lizards and wild boars. Use the mechanics of catching, taming and hunting to control animals.

Creative Mode Updates

Creative fans have access to three new Invasion Packs. Alien plants, alien furniture and welcome graffiti are now at your disposal. Also, the set of elemental cubes has been changed, and squishy water has been added to it. New tags have been uploaded to the device gallery.

We must admit that with the 17.30 update, Fortnite Island has only gotten better. Use new items, get rewards and go to victory!