Epic Games company was founded in 1991 with its central office in Carey, North Carolina, the USA. The company has developed the Unreal Engine and uses it to create online entertainment.

In addition to Fortnite, Epic Games portfolio contains many products, including:

  • Epic Pinball;
  • Unreal Tournament;
  • Shadow Complex;
  • Infinity Blade;

Gears of War (Purchased by Microsoft Corporation).

These games can be downloaded from the official Epic Games website.


The Fortnite history, beginning

Fortnite's story began on December 10, 2011, when the first announcement of a future gaming bestseller was released. The developers uploaded the first trailer to YouTube. Gamers saw many mutants, explosions and a large construction site. All this was completely different from the current visual series. Even the logo looked like a collage of old newspapers. The developers took the idea of ​​Unreal Tournament as a basis and promised to create procedurally generated worlds.

During a 2012 presentation, programmer Billy Bramer showed off a sledgehammer and hammer. The hammer was needed for construction, and the sledgehammer could be used in close combat. But, such a double set only slowed down the gameplay, and this idea had to be abandoned, however, like many others.

Fortnite release

Initially, the release was planned for 2013. In April 2014, Epics announced that the game would be free to play. But, as always, something went wrong and the Fortnite closed beta version became available in 2015, first on Apple computers.

On September 26, 2017, the paid version of Fortnite went into Early Access.

Despite impressive sales, Epic Games was looking for opportunities to make the game even more popular. The start of Battle Royale mode blew up the gameplay world and brought Fortnite to  the leader. Fortnite became incredibly popular in a matter of months like no other game in the industry has. After a while Creative and Party Royals modes were added.

The change of seasons and events constantly keep players interested, because the creators of the game do not skimp on patches.

How the game has changed

The initially post-apocalyptic Fortnite world looked gloomy and depressing. But later the developers added animation to the game, which greatly revived the visual perception. It should be noted that the modern game looks just amazing, engineers are constantly updating the graphics, working on small details, shadows, highlights and special effects.

Many people notice that the construction system is somewhat similar to Minecraft, and this is true. The creators of Fortnite do not deny that it was Minecraft blocks that inspired them to create building mechanics.

In August 2020, Apple and Epic Games began a conflict over the conditions for calculating the App Store commission. Epic Games has announced that it is trying to achieve fair competition. At the moment, cooperation between the platforms has been interrupted.

Fortnite regional features

Interestingly, the game has some regional adaptations. So in China there can be several winners in the Battle Royale at once. One of the rewards is received by the player who has "soaked" the largest number of opponents. In the Celestial Empire, after 3 hours of play, restrictions are activated, participants receive messages with a call to do their daily activities.

Fortnite today combines elements of shooter, sandbox, and horror. This attracts players with a wide variety of preferences. Everyone will find a character and something to their liking. If you want a battle, check in like a Soldier or a Ninja. If you like exploration, develop your skills as an Outlander. If you prefer to create rather than destroy - join the Constructor class.

Fortnite storylines and modes are dynamic and continue to evolve.