Fortnite Battle Royale is a cross-platform battle royale video game. Players take part in a massive battle and try to survive among the same ones who are looking for the fortune. To stay alive in this colorful post-apocalyptic world, you need to get materials, build defenses, look for weapons and vehicles, and fight, fight, fight. Participants can play on the same map from different platforms (personal computers, consoles and mobile devices).


Fortnite Battle Royale - where to start?

Our guide is aimed at beginners who are just mastering the Fortnite map. We will tell you how to survive the first difficult days.

One of the most important decisions in Fortnite is the choice of the character class. The participant can play as a Soldier, Constructor, Ninja, Outlander. At the initial stage, you can try each of them to find out which of the classes is suitable personally for you.

What should a player who has just downloaded the game do? Of course, to master weapons and learn to build. Rushing into battle uncontrollably in the first seconds of the game is not the most reasonable decision. The easiest way for the beginner is to go to the forest, get some wood there and try to build their very first Fortnite home. During the process, it is better to quickly and carefully inspect the area. It's good if you manage to pick up a gun or a pistol, and also stock up on a first-aid kit.

To defend and attack, you need to learn how to shoot from different types of available weapons. Each player should be able to heal and restore their health, as well as know the places where you can find loot. We will tell you about all these vital skills in our guide.

Fortnite Construction

The game is based on the ability to choose an advantageous position and hide from enemies. In order to build even a simple fortress, resources are needed. They are obtained by wielding a pickaxe. You can destroy everything: rocks, trees, other buildings, any objects. The construction itself resembles a LEGO game. The character implements his plan by sequentially folding the panel-tiles. They can be made of stone, metal or wood. Wooden panels are the easiest to install, they have a minimal degree of protection and are easily destroyed. Buildings made of stone and metal seem to be more durable, but they take much longer to build.

It is enough to break the lower part of the structure to destroy the building and it will fall apart. In order to prevent the enemy from sneaking up unnoticed, the height of the fort must provide a good view of the area.

As soon as the shootout begins, immediately build a wall, and then try to build a ramp. The ramp consists of four walls and a springboard hidden inside, if necessary, it can be completed. This simplest cover allows you to fight while protecting yourself from enemy bullets.

A set of necessary items

In order for the gameplay to be effective and the player is not distracted by training during the battle, it is worth understanding the features of weapons and loot in advance.

The participant in the battle will need the following types of items:

  • Weapon;
  • Bandages and first aid kits;
  • Potions to enhance protection;
  • Additional items (anti-gravity panels, camouflage bushes, trampolines).

Fortnite weapons

Weapons in Fortnite are mastered intuitively, but still each type has its own advantages and weaknesses.

The players have a fairly diverse arsenal of weapons at their disposal:

  • Revolvers;
  • Pistols;
  • SMG submachine guns;
  • Machine guns;
  • Hunting rifles;
  • Various types of shotguns;
  • Sniper rifles;
  • Assault rifles (SCAR, M4, AK-47), including those with optical and thermal sights;
  • Bullpup machines;
  • Tommy guns;
  • Grenade launchers;
  • Miniguns;
  • Rocket launchers.

If nothing else is available, a pistol will come in handy. But, as soon as the opportunity arises to arm yourself with something worthwhile, it is better to get rid of the pistol, it is inferior to all other types of weapons. In close combat, a shotgun is more effective, and a pump shotgun will kill anyone in a couple of shots. Assault rifles work well at long distance. Sniper rifles require some skill: the participant must be good at calculating the trajectories of the movement of enemies, the expected trajectory of the bullets and be able to aim well.

Grenades and rocket launchers are needed for storming the forts. Consider the fact that they have a small range of action and the farther the target is, the more difficult it is to aim with these types of weapons. The rocket launcher is appreciated for the fact that it literally annihilates all living things near the explosion site. Especially rare equipment can be taken from the supply boxes that go down on a balloon.

Traps can be placed on floors, walls, and ceilings, but we recommend placing them just behind the doorways to prevent the enemy from entering the room. The owner of the trap can move through his installations without activating them.

Each type of equipment has 5 levels:

  • Normal (gray color of marking);
  • Unusual (green);
  • Rare (blue);
  • Epic (purple);
  • Legendary (Gold).

The higher the quality of the weapon, the more damage it causes to the enemy. Color marking is convenient while farming, it immediately becomes clear that a blue pistol is better than a gray one, and a gold one is just a rare piece of luck.

The value of a weapon is determined by the type of combat interaction and basic characteristics: the force of the impact and the rate of fire. It is also important to consider the size of the clip. The more experienced the player is, the better he manages different types of weapons and less he misses the targets, so don't worry, over time you will bother less with these small things and you will fight intuitively more often. The characteristics of weapons can be upgraded to a higher quality level, use workbenches for this, they can be found in the most unexpected places on the map.

The player has 5 empty slots for carrying inventory, at least 2 of them should preferably be used with weapons.

Fortnite protection and health

Defense and health in Fortnite is the foundation of survival. What's the use of having a golden rifle if you've already been killed. Therefore, it is important for both a beginner and an esports player to carefully think over the protection and recovery systems.

The player can hide behind the walls of buildings, hide in trash cans, bushes of grass and haystacks.

For quick defense use mini-shields, they give 25 shields and last 2 seconds. The shield potion is more effective, it gives the character 50 shields. We recommend taking 2 at once, but remember that it takes 5 seconds and during the battle it is better not to be distracted, the risk of becoming a target is too high even before the potion gives effect.

Bandages are a universal way of self-medication. One bandage adds 15 hit points, three at once - 75 hit points. In one slot, you can stock up on 15 bandages.

If the character is safe, it is better to use a full-fledged medical kit, it completely restores his health. This requires at least 10 seconds.

Another way to gain 25 hit points and buy 25 shields is to use slurp juice. Little life hack - if you use 3 bandages before taking mini-shields, your health will be restored to 100%. Slurp Juice will start working after 25 seconds.

The best way to recover is to drink the Chug Jug, it grants a full health regeneration and gives 100 shield points. But remember that you need to be in a secluded place for at least 15 seconds. Fortnite Chapter 2 introduces a new defense - the bandage bazooka.

With its help, you can instantly heal yourself or your team members by simply shooting at friends’ or your feet. The Bandage Bazooka takes up two inventory slots.

How to find loot?

The game requires a huge amount of resources. You will have to get them yourself. Therefore, we ruthlessly destroy everything that comes across during the gameplay and collect materials for crafting.

For many players, the favorite type of loot is golden chests. They can be in the most unexpected places. Attics, basements and garages should be carefully checked inside the buildings. Pay attention to cracks in the walls. Take a pickaxe and destroy all the cracked partitions, behind them are passages and additional rooms. Some of the chests are located in stationary points and so, the players no longer waste time searching for them, but immediately going to the verified location. Be sure to check out the kennels, farm silage supplies, trailers, Christmas trees and the pizzeria in Tomato City.

Treasure chests have a weak illumination that disappears after looting. They also make a pleasant melodic sound. In order to hear it in time, we recommend using good headphones and not setting the audio to maximum.

An unlocked chest is always a surprise, it is completely filled with precious and military goods. Weapons, skins, building materials and artifacts can be hidden in it.

Another type of surprise is piñata llamas. These are toys stuffed with all sorts of goods. Llamas are rarely found just as loot, they must be brought for the in-game currency V-Bucks Fortnite.

Pay attention to the small green boxes, you will find ammunition in them. They are often found lying next to precious chests. When objects are being destroyed after the first hit, a blue circle with an orange dot in the center appears on them. This is a double damage marker. Move the cursor over it and deliver the following blows.

Another opportunity to replenish is fishing. Look for circles on the water, where you can catch fish to restore health, weapons and other loot.

To get hold of things and purchase V-Bucks, spend your time completing Fortnite missions.

New player strategy and tactics

Many newbies think Fortnite is all about having a good fight. This is not entirely true, the winner is not the one who killed 99 enemies, but the one who survived in hell. Only a balance between offense and defense will help you win the Battle Royale. Therefore, be always on the alert and develop your own strategy and gameplay tactics.

It is very important to decide on the landing place. You should not immediately rush into the thick of things, choose remote locations. Let there be less loot, but there are also fewer competitors who want to exclude you from the number of contenders for victory. Locations on the edge of the map allow you to acquire game skills and gain experience.

Do not make noise in vain, if you are discovered and you do not see the enemy, then your chances are sharply reduced. If there is an opportunity to walk and not run, just walk. Running is heard much louder and gives you a plume of dust. Working with a pickaxe and even switching weapons can also unmask your character.

Since knowing where other players are is essential for survival, use quality headphones. They can save your life and help you win.

Watch the circle, it gets narrower all the time and can absorb the character. Be vigilant and always be aware of the coming storm. The player must always choose attack or survival tactics. Sometimes it's easier to pass by a character than to get involved in a fight and challenge all of his friends to battle. At the same time, the best defense is an attack, risky behavior leads to good rewards and can strengthen the arsenal.

Remember that examining a killed enemy, you are defenseless for a few seconds and are an excellent target. The gunshot can attract other players.

Sometimes it is worth waiting for new players, and only then collect loot from all of them. By the end of the game, it is important to know exactly where each participant is. Information about this is located under the mini-map. Keep in mind that this number includes your character as well.

The experienced Fortnite player always has an additional plan ready. It is useful to provide possible escape routes and have spare forts.

Fortnite is a gambling and fun adventure. Become a team member, stock up on resources, react quickly to new events, become an experienced player, and the gameplay will give you a lot of victories and a sense of pleasure.