First time on the Fortnite map, shooter fans are often confused, because here it is necessary not only to fight, but also to build. The character must be able to quickly assemble a structure that allows you to bypass the enemy from above or from the rear, and not allow the enemy to hide in another shelter. And, if at the beginning of the game, combat skills are in priority, then at the final stage the one who can easily hide from the enemy wins.


Farm, materials and titles

Wood, metal and stone are needed for construction, they are mined by destroying houses, rocks, trees, cars. Do not be lazy to collect loot, its reserves will be useful at the most critical moment. All the materials are needed in the game, they differ in strength and stacking speed. It is the easiest to work with wood, it helps out when there is a shortage of time, but it also breaks down faster than stone or metal.

One player can carry up to 1500 units of materials of each type. For a start, 500 units will be enough. The construction itself is similar to the LEGO constructor, only instead of cubes, the character has virtual blocks at the disposal of the character.

Any fort can be built from just four types of titles:

  • Wall;
  • Floor;
  • Roof;
  • Inclined surface (ladder).

Base fort

The base fort is the minimal structure for defense. It is built with just four walls and a staircase to provide an overview of the surroundings. Looking out from the behind of the wall of the fortification, be careful not to appear twice at the same point.


When a character crosses an open area, the skills of a Constructor can save his life. When enemies appear, you need to quickly build stairs and change the trajectory of movement unpredictably. Not logical behavior confuses the enemy and gives an advantage to hitting the target.

High positions with good visibility can ensure victory in the Battle Royale. To gain an advantage, construct tunnels with ladders. But first, build a supporting wall and don't forget the roof ladder to keep out those who build faster.

How to use the floor to reduce health damage

Falling from the great heights can cause significant damage, so the floor keybind should always be at hand. It is useful when rolling down the mountains or when destroying the structures. Quickly place a wooden platform under your feet and save your life.

The house where you can restore your strength

A wounded soldier needs shelter to use the first aid kit and restore health and shield. Place a bonfire under the stairs, it will help you to gain strength.

Editing options

During the battle, hectic construction often leads to the fact that the character is walled up in his own fort. In this case, you should not destroy everything, it is enough to edit one of the walls by placing a window or an additional door in it.

Removing the floor title will help you jump down and save yourself. And if the floor disappears under the opponent, then you will have one less problem. Just do not try to edit other people's buildings, all these tricks can be done exclusively with your own constructions.

With the help of editing, you can see what is happening around the fortification. Start deleting titles, but do not save changes. The walls will first become transparent, and then return to their original state, in the meantime the player will have the opportunity to assess the situation.

How to speed up construction

The Keybinds for building are not very conveniently located by default. To easily and quickly activate the appearance of titles, we advise you to group the necessary keybinds under your wrist. First of all, there should be walls and stairs “at hand”, then floors, roofs and traps.

Perhaps the new layout will be unfamiliar at first, and you will have to experiment with several options. The result is estimated by the speed of switching elements, it should not be inferior to the level of weapon proficiency.

Building Fortnite structures quickly is often more important than combat skills. Experienced gamers edit titles with fantastic dexterity. Remember that these skills come with time, train and win Victory Royale!