While Fortnite players explore the land and airspace of the island map, there is an exciting new opportunity to gain additional experience. Epic Games company has introduced a new campaign “March Through Time” in Creative mode. On the Fortnite site, the “March Through TIME” project was launched on August 26, 2021 and will be open during the year. All this time, it is available for free download. The event brings a new educational experience to a huge, young community and broadens its worldview.


Dr. Martin Luther King and his speech

The interactive exhibition introduces the audience of the 21st century to the events of almost a century ago, with the key moments of the civil rights movement of the black population. On August 28, 1963, over 250,000 people gathered in Washington, DC to hear Martin Luther King, Jr. call for African Americans to be granted the same rights, freedoms, and judicial laws that their white neighbors enjoy. The speaker's speech is known all over the world under the title: "I have a dream" because Dr. King loudly declared his right, and the right of millions of other people, to dream and be equal with everyone. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance.

The game "March Through Time"

TIME Studios partnered with Fortnite developer Epic Games to create a gameplay set in Washington DC. You can get into the game "March through Time" by finding a link in the "Discover" menu or by entering a special island code: 3815-8892-143.

Players will travel to the Lincoln Memorial, the US National Mall, and experience an immersive experience. They will be able to watch King's speech, participate in educational mini-games, and deepen their understanding of civil rights. After completing the tasks, interactive participants will be able to launch a festive fireworks show over the National Mall, as well as replenish their collection with DC 63 spray.

The in-game museum houses additional educational resources, including emotional photographs of the civil rights era. These actions provide an unforgettable experience and bring to life the important themes of Dr. King's talk: we move forward when we work together.

TIME Studios and its mission

TIME Studios is one of the most world-famous brands specializing in the development, production and distribution of premium storytelling scenarios.

TIME Studios' mission is to use innovative new formats to tell the world's most impressive stories. This is the first gaming experience of the company, it has plans to expand the project, lighting and other great events.

The project's executive producers, Tomi Omololu-Lange and Matthew O'Rourke, hope that parents, teachers, and others will use “March in Time” to educate children about a vital era in American history through a platform they find familiar and interesting.

“The mission of this project is to bring the legacy of Dr. King and other civil rights heroes to the next generation,” say Omololu-Lange and O'Rourke. “We wanted to bring the kids' attention to where they were and create inspirational content that is as interactive and fun as they are used to. With Fortnite Creative's unprecedented scale and unparalleled immersion capabilities, we knew their platform would deliver the greatest impact. ”

Now you can independently see and feel the speech of Martin Luther King - one of the most iconic speeches in American history - in a new way: in Fortnite through the new “March Through Time” project.