Epic Games has finally released the highly anticipated V 17.20 update. So what has changed in Creative Mode?

Fortnite has a new aircraft - a flying saucer

Developers from Epic Game went to meet the wishes of the players and created a unique aircraft - a flying saucer. This miracle of post-apocalyptic technique allows you to create new plot situations and change game communications.

The player gets at his disposal:

  • UFO body that can accommodate 4 people;
  • The ability to lift people and objects using a powerful energy beam;
  • Acceleration option.

How to create a UFO?

Nothing is impossible in Fortnite creative mode, update V 17.20 gives players the ability to independently build and modify unidentified flying objects. 

Characters can easily adjust the following parameters:

  • UFO annihilation;
  • Activity at various points in the gameplay;
  • Access to the device of certain participants or teams;
  • UFO pilot selection;
  • Margin of safety;
  • Respawn time;
  • Power of the attracting beam;
  • Enabling and disabling the reflection.

By default, the UFO can only regenerate 2 times, but this can be increased to five regenerations.

Recon Scanner

Unfortunately, in the update of version 17.20 only one type of new weapon has appeared, and that is the reconnaissance scanner. Perhaps the layers who were expecting powerful offensive weapons are disappointed, but let's not forget: warned means armed. Master the scanner, it will show many unexpected moments.

Modifier Zone Upgrade

The Modifier Zone device has received an additional gravity option. Also, participants will be able to adjust the speed of movement of objects. Resetting the speed will lead to the fact that all characters in the range of modifiers will be immobilized.

Device Severely Wounded

New to Creative is the Grievous Wounded Device. This option allows you to adjust all indicators of the Severe Injury condition.

The player can:

  • Enable and disable state;
  • Adjust the phase of the gameplay when the option is activated;
  • Regulate the rate of loss of stamina;
  • Determine the speed of recovery and the level of health after resurrection;
  • Prohibit resurrection;
  • Influence the parameters of the interrogation and the ability to notify the team;
  • Select individual classes that the device can act on;
  • Activate the last survivor victory mode;
  • Allow or forbid enemies to pick up and transport an injured player;
  • Regulate the system of warning signals of injury.

By default, the developers have set the following parameters:

  • The Severe Wounded device is active during all phases of the gameplay;
  • Resurrection is allowed, the resurrection time is 10 seconds;
  • Interrogations are allowed;
  • After the interrogation, the location of the other team members becomes known to the opponents;
  • Severe injury notification is active;
  • No classes have been selected for which impact is allowed;
  • Last Survivor Victory Mode is disabled;
  • Transportation of a wounded enemy is permitted.

If you activate the Last Survivor Victory Mode, then the game will end only when all team members are completely destroyed, a serious injury to the last player will not serve as a signal to end the game.

As you can see, wounded enemies can be moved all over the map, interrogated, learned with their help about the localization of a detachment of opponents, and dropped into the gorge.

Fixes released with V 17.20 update

With patch 17.20, over 20 system bug fixes have been downloaded. The cuttlefish is now reattached to characters, the Single Creature Generator has been repaired, device tags have been fixed, and the timer has been adjusted.

The Epic Games team is committed to making Creative mode really fun and interesting.