Fortnite is a free online “battle royale” game that was released by Epic Games in 2017. The goal of the game is to survive in the conditions of the fiercest competition among 99 heavy armed rivals. The developers offer the participants four basic classes of avatars:

  • Soldier;
  • Ninja;
  • Constructor;
  • Traveler or Outlander.

Each character has a unique appearance and unique abilities. In the course of the game, the heroes are upgraded, as a result of which each of them becomes stronger and more dangerous.

Our guide to Fortnite classes will show you the strong and weak sides of each character and help you make the right choice.

Beginners who purchase the first Standard Set will usually receive a Soldier figure at their disposal.


The Soldier class is the most popular among users. These characters are agile and very good at fighting. They inflict great damage on enemies using active and passive skills. Soldiers can throw grenades, shoot from a special cannon with a shock wave, and also cheer up the team with a battle cry. They have a high attack potential, bonuses to assault rifle damage, resistance and reload. With an accurate hit on the target, health is restored.

Soldiers are valued for dealing damage to enemies. In other aspects of gameplay (defense, construction), fighters are somewhat inferior to other Fortnite classes.

Soldiers are suitable for fans of shooters, those who appreciate a good shootout and do not like to deal with primitive architecture.


They look the least brutal of all the other characters. They are appreciated for their unique Shadow Stance and Mantis Leap abilities, they have the highest mobility out of all the character classes. Low levels of shields and health are more than compensated by special skills. Ninja class also features an affinity for melee weapons reinforced with offensive melee-oriented Hero Abilities, which makes them well suited for fighting Husks head on. This class shows itself well in all types of combat. Such a fighter suddenly appears next to the enemy, takes his life and disappears instantly.


First of all Constructors are engaged in protecting forts from intruders. They move slowly and often try not to get involved in close combat. However, they have excellent shield and health indicators. The constructor will build an obstacle or a trap faster than anyone else and even destroy the Husks without any weapons. The BASE option gives the fort additional protection, reduces resource consumption and clears the surrounding area.

Constructor is chosen by connoisseurs of sandbox games, those who like construction.


Outlanders are the best farmers. They specialize in efficiently harvesting resources, with passive abilities, as their active skills are minimized. To avoid open combat encounters, the Outlander will prefer to teleport. Outlander is a must in the team: he sees through the walls, collects loot and equips his comrades best of all. During the mission, he farms building materials faster than anyone else and takes them to the Constructor.

The Outlander class is suitable for players for whom map exploration and treasure hunting is more important than a good fight.

It is better to choose a class based on your own preferences and character traits. To begin with, you can try each of them in action, and then start pumping your favorite hero.

Each class has many levels and unique features, which will take time to figure it out. The player who has mastered most of the secrets of the chosen class will undoubtedly survive and win the Battle Royale.