In previous seasons, we talked about the beginning of Fortnite World and how the first Battle Pass came to be. Let's continue exploring fantasy history.

Fortnite Season 5 - July 12 - September 26, 2018

In Season 5, the theme of the collision of worlds dominated. Space-time faults that appeared after the launch of the rocket changed the map. New locations have sprung up: Viking Outpost, Lazy Links (golf course), and Moisty Mire turned into desert Paradise Palms. The meteorite crater is completely overgrown with trees, leaving the laboratory in miserable ruins.


Over time, the heavenly rift began to gradually decrease, purple lightning began to beat out of it, and then a large purple cube was formed, which sank down and began to slowly migrate across the island. His first stop was near the Salty Spring, where the cube burned out the first rune and continued to waddle further. In total, 7 runes appeared on the map, which changed the gravitational field. Eventually, the cube made it to Loot Lake and dived into it. The pond was covered with a layer of purple ice.


In Season 5, Epics really tried to make the game dynamic and interesting. The gameplay was diversified with ball games. Toys could be obtained as a gift for completing the Battle Pass level. The range of weapons, items and vehicles has expanded significantly. For the first time, new limited-time modes have been unlocked. According to the new rules, players' progress is no longer limited to one season. Added "Experience Table" for getting various styles of one skin.


The number of new images has increased, the developers have prepared 8 options, and not 4, as before:

  • Ragnarok
  • Drift;
  • Sun Strider;
  • Rook;
  • Huntress;
  • Enforcer;
  • Sledgehammer
  • Redline.

Fortnite Season 6 - Sep 27 - Dec 6, 2018

After the appearance in the fifth season of space-time rifts, in the sixth season, the real "Power of the Night" began. A purple cube emerged from the depths of Loot Lake, and with it the Floating Island rose into the air. New locations have appeared: the Haunted Castle and the Corn Fields.

Meanwhile, the runes began to draw energy from all living things. The cube flew around all 7 magic stones, concentrated their power in itself and began to create a giant portal. The map was split into several parts. The darkness deepened and Fortnite mares began, as the gates of other worlds opened and the evil cube monsters appeared on the island. But, two days later, the cube began to transform and eventually exploded. A few days later, a reconnaissance robot's parachute was discovered. As it turned out a little later, a huge iceberg was slowly approaching Fortnite. At its top was the headquarters of a certain secret organization.


The Battle Pass came in two flavors: 950 V-Bucks or 2800 V-Bucks. The more expensive Battle Pass could be purchased at any time during the season and gave 25 levels immediately.

In the 6th season, background music tracks appeared in the settings, they could be obtained for completing the BP. Also for the first time it was possible to purchase a pet (dragon, lizard or dog). These animals have emotions of their own and react directly to the environment and actions of the characters.


The equipment of the season corresponded to the dark theme, the developers created bloodthirsty and at the same time funny skins:

  • Dire;
  • Nightshade;
  • A.I.M.;
  • Dusk;
  • Fabl);
  • Giddy-Up;
  • Calamity;
  • DJ Yonder.

The next seventh season began after the collision of the island and the iceberg. You will find out how the players survived this winter in our next article.