Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 began on 07/17/2020, immediately after the worldwide Fortnite Flood, and ended on 08/27/2020. As it turned out, Midas knew that Fortnite was separated from the rest of the world by a time and energy loop. At the end of season 2, he wanted to destroy the barrier, launched the Doomsday Device and lost control of it. Streams of raging energy hit the island, caused a flood and destroyed most of the locations. The players turned into swimmers and divers, and the season was called: "Conquerors of the waves".

New Water World

The new world consisted of many small islands. The tsunami barely affected Sweaty Sands, Pleasant Park, and Holly Hedges. This fact is credited to the insurance agency "No Sweat Insurance" ("Do not worry"). Other locations were either half flooded, or completely disappeared under water.


In the northwestern part of the island, there was a large whirlpool, there, in the area of the Coral Castle, a huge depression formed. Aquaman settled in.

Ghosts and Shadows

Midas was killed by a shark and turned into a ghost. The Ghost Team, previously trying to maintain order, was disorganized. She retreated to the south of the island, where she settled in a small location called the Fortilla. Suddenly, the Meowscules became active. He rebuilt the Box Factory into a robot manufacturing plant and appointed his son Kit as manager.

The Ghosts 'rivals, the Shadows, completely occupied Midas' agency, but even with the advantage of the forces did not try to restore order. Chaos reigned on the island. On land, small groups began to capture the remaining locations, and sharks raged in the water with might and main.

Fortnite Marauder

The marauders began to appear from nowhere. They were well equipped, conducted active reconnaissance and fought anyone who could resist. The players assumed that they were scouts from another universe.


During the season, the water level gradually decreased and the island acquired an increasingly familiar appearance. This allowed most of the locations to return to normal. It would seem that nothing foreshadowed trouble. But, by the end of the season, the weather turned bad, strange clouds appeared in the sky again, and then another rift formed. This was due to the astronauts who made a breach in the celestial sphere. The cosmonauts had an accident and were never able to get out.

Thor and Marvel

Through the rifts, Thor from the Marvel Universe entered the world of Fortnite. He brought the bad news that the villain Galactus Boss was threatening the island. You could read about this in the comic found on the loading screen in the Battle Pass.

At first, Thor collaborated with Galactus Boss and even helped him conquer 5 planets. Later, realizing the essence of the Devourer of Worlds, he tried to save people from Galactus. Thor appeared on the island and began to talk about the new threat. But nobody wanted to listen to him. Other Marvel characters began arriving to help Thor. Unfortunately, all of them, once in the world of Fortnite, begin to lose their memory.

Fortnite Season 13 Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Battle Pass contained about 90 cosmetic items and original skins:

  • Wavebreaker;
  • Seeker;
  • Scuba Jonesy;
  • Jules;
  • Kit;
  • Siona;
  • Eternal Knight;
  • Aquaman.

For the first time in Fortnite, in Season 13, Dual Pickaxes from the Battle Pass could be turned into single picks. BP awards (hang glider diver, scuba backpack, air footprints) supported the water theme and kept the game from getting bored.

The world of Fortnite depends on the universe, time and energies raging through space. But next season Epic Games envisioned a cool collaboration with Marvel. The heroes of the cinematic universe invade the game world and begin to influence its history.