Like any self-respecting online shooter, Fortnite has its own history or lore. Players who became interested in Fortnite 4 years ago have gone through all the historical stages together with their friends. It is sometimes difficult for beginners to understand all the twists and turns of the plot. It is for them that we will make a short overview of the legendary events.


Fortnite Season 1

The 1st season began on 25.10. 2017, lasted less than two months and ended on 13.12.2017.

Basically, it was a trial balloon, a little rehearsal needed to identify and correct gameplay flaws. The creators of Fortnite constantly changed the game, tested some ideas, abandoned them and tried new ones.

In the first season, there was no Battle Pass yet, and for each skin you had to pay hard V-Bucks. The appearance of the characters was more primitive and somewhat different from today's images.

Fortnite Season 2

Season 2 started with patch v1.11, 14/12/2017. The developers relied on the dark Middle Ages and knightly battles, and for the first time players learned that they were participating in a Battle Royale. The Fort Knights set has gone on sale, consisting of 11 items that support the heraldic theme. Participants could purchase two male skins: Black Knight and Blue Squire, and two female skins: Royale Knight and Sparkle Specialist. Now all this equipment has been taken out of the store and is not available for receipt.

Fortnite Season 2 introduced the Battle Pass, which cost 1,800 V-Bucks. Some players managed to take part in the promotion and purchase it for only 950 V-Bucks. Members who purchased this first Battle Pass received 5 free Battle Pass levels in the following Season 3.

In the first two seasons, there was no special plot, the players got acquainted with the locations, traveled around the island, participated in local skirmishes, farm and grind. Season 2 lasted just over two months and ended on 02/21/2018.

Fortnite Season 3

The third season lasted from 22/02/2018 to 30/04/2018.The developers were tired of the knightly theme and they switched to a full-fledged lore. The history of the island began to develop. In the middle of the season, a huge meteorite appeared in the sky. On the rooftops of houses in the Tilted Towers location, plaques with images of UFOs and a meteorite were seen.

A meteor shower was falling from the sky, it intensified every day. On April 28, 2018, Epic Games released the first teaser dedicated to the upcoming disaster. Eventually, a celestial artifact approached Earth and crashed directly onto the Dusty Divot.


In the third season, players used the Space Explorers' Pack and could purchase the following spacesuit skins:

  • Mission Specialist;
  • Dark Voyager;
  • Rust Lord;
  • Moonwalker.

Needless to say, these rarities have not been on sale for a long time ... the Battle Pass cost 950 V-bucks.

Fortnite Season 4

So, the 4th season began after the fall of the meteorite, 01/05/2018. "The world will never be the same!" - said the creators of the game and staged a full-fledged Armageddon. The Prison, Motel, Tilted Towers and Risky Reels were destroyed. There are also new locations: Villain's Lair, Mansion, Football Stadium.

In the crater from the meteorite, a scientific laboratory was built to study the debris of the cosmic body. In additional craters, the characters found small fragments and acquired the effect of reducing the gravitational field and an enhanced jump. It took several weeks to break open the meteorite. In the middle was a capsule with an alien. The latter was not eager to communicate with people, broke through the wall, caused irreparable damage to the entire laboratory and fled.

Meanwhile, a spaceship is being built in the Villain's Lair. The Rocket Launch was the first Fortnite event. The rocket, rushing into the sky, left in it a giant rift in time space. At the same time, temporary loops began to form, and the objects that fell into them disappeared.

The Season 4 Battle Pass cost 950 V-Bucks.


In the fourth season, the following skins appeared:

  • Battlehawk
  • Carbide;
  • Teknique;
  • Zoey.

How events developed further, and what happened to the heavenly crack, you can find out in our next article.