The final event of season 17 ended with the explosion of a giant alien flagship. The world of Fortnite once again plunged into chaos and after a 12-hour break, the players saw what was left of the island and the UFO. The new eighth season opened with the V18.00 update.

What happened to the UFO?

The explosion of the alien vehicle was predictable. Everyone knew that bombs were embedded in the Corny Complex dungeon. After the flagship pulled this location into its hatch, its fate was sealed. The UFO corps crashed into the ocean northwest of the island. No matter how hard we try, it is still impossible to get to it.

The wreckage of the machine was scattered across the island. Pink-purple pipes continue to operate around them. The aliens died, but the players have already found a surviving character. He settled in the wilderness of the northern part of the island.



The enchanting return of Cubes has taken place. True, in a slightly different format than the data miners predicted. We now have 5 purple cubes, 1 blue and 1 yellow cubes, as well as thousands of small cubes. The Yellow Cube fell in the Holly Hedges, the Blue Cube collapsed in the southern part of the island and was already named Bluevin.

If you swallow a small purple cube, the character goes into ghost mode. And ghosts, as you know, do not care. They can fly, jump higher than normal, and penetrate walls.

It is believed that all Cubes are intelligent and spread anger around them. And only Bluevin is positive. It even restores 20 units of its shield on collision. The rest of the Cubes knock the player away from themselves, and the most aggressive is the Yellow Cube.

Cubes have already started rolling around the island and, perhaps, we will soon find out what else they will change in our game world. While Cubes only cause fog, and there it is not far before the appearance of monsters...

How has the map changed?

While UFO fragments are falling, they burn many green places. Pleasant Park and Woods were particularly affected. Despite the fact that during the event a real Armageddon was happening, Holly Hedges, Steamy Stacks, Stealthy Stronghold remained intact, and even cleared of alien design.

The Loop Theory

The Heavenly Fire destroyed many of the bases of the Loop Theory, so they relocated, and also arranged security zones on the roads.


Iridescent domes appeared on the map, they open access to the parallel world. In this additional dimension, you can quite well replenish your arsenal and rummage through the chests.

 Fortnite Wildlife

The developers returned the lizards to the island, and added a variety of birds. Now chickens graze on the green slopes, and crows soar in the sky. There is no point in catching birds, there is no loot from them, and it is impossible to use them as transport. When the character approaches, the birds can take off vertically, it looks strange. Perhaps this is just a bug that will be removed with the next update.

Fortnite Season 18 Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass is packed full of usable cosmetics and assorted skins as usual. Players who purchase BP will receive the following characters:

  • Charlotte;
  • Toona Fish;
  • Kor;
  • Fabio Sparklemane;
  • J.B. Chimpinski;
  • Torin;
  • Carnage.

The sad Kymera gave way to the merry Tonna Fish. The cartoons can and should be painted. To do this, you will have to look for bubbles with colored ink. The good news is that Epic Games has returned the secret skin to the BP. This will be the Queen of Cubes, her skin will be unveiled in the middle of season 18.

The War of the Loop Theory and UFOs ended with the defeat of the aliens. But the world of Fortnite is still in danger. Cubes have intelligence and there is an assumption that they can completely destroy the island. And this means - the game continues!