Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 concludes with version 17.50 update. As always, Epic Games has provided a lot of interesting content and also added freebies.

What's new in update V 17.50?

In the V 17.50 update, the developers have introduced a new interface and improved animation. The game mode selection menu really looks more convenient. Now you can use the tab with the history of games and add your favorite items to the "Favorites". But the new animation has not gone to everyone, the movements, the collection of loot and weapons look a little differently. Perhaps you just need to get used to the new reality.

New motivation system for veterans of the Fortnite squad

Fortnite Squad subscribers were introduced to the new reward system. Veterans of the movement will receive an upgradeable Zen Axe Pickaxe and a Back Bling. Epics have created 6 levels of gift improvement. The convenient thing for players is that the subscription can be interrupted and renewed for three years. New levels open monthly, on the 15th.


The Last Wild Week of the 7th season the 2nd Chapter of Fortnite 

Ahead is the third wild week and all kinds of alien loot. Technological madness presupposes an abundance of pulse rifles, cowinators, gravity guns. Enjoy, most likely, next season this cyber technology will go to junk. All unclaimed artifacts at the end of the season will be automatically exchanged for various cosmetics.

Skins and cosmetics

Patch 17.50 brought new accessories to the store: pickaxes, hang gliders, emotions, wrappers, graffiti, banners, fall marks.

Black Superman files and several very useful skins were added to the game. In addition to Clark Kent, players will be able to choose the alien Trespasser, the brainy jelly alien Brainstorm, or anyone else to their liking.

Fortnite location changes

In early autumn, the Slurpy Swamp became the Sludgy Swamp. It is no longer possible to steal here. And it is not yet clear how this territory will be used. A New Tower has appeared next to the Corny Complex. This is no accident. The situation is interesting because after the destruction of the Slurpy Swamp and the Coral Castle, the next in line is the Corny Complex. Perhaps the bomb is walled up in the dungeon of this location, and will start the event.

When will Fortnite season 17 end?

A timer counting down to the start of an event called "Heavenly Fire" is already hovering over the Corny Complex. It's time to get ready to wrap up Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Dr. Slone's patience is running out. She had been planning for a long time to organize resistance to alien invaders, and now the hour has come when it is necessary to get out of secret hiding places and look the enemy straight in the face.

Many active Fortnite players have been trained in the Impostors mode. Agents have learned to recognize impostors and bring them to clean water. But the impostors also studied the enemy's habits. All the more interesting should be the final event of the 17th season.

The final event of the outgoing season will take place on September 12, 2021. Book your seats in advance. A squad of players in one lobby cannot exceed 16 people.

When does the new season of Fortnite begin?

Unfortunately, according to the information coming from the dataminers, the new season will not start immediately, but a few days after the end of the final event "Heavenly Fire". We are waiting for another black hole and a pause in the game. While we may not be delighted with this, Epics need time to update the base and prepare everything for the new season. The community is also actively discussing whether the 17th season will be the last in the second chapter of Fortnite. There are suggestions that a black hole is necessary for a complete reboot of the universe and ahead not of the 8th season of the 2nd chapter, but immediately the third chapter of Fortnite.

How it will end and how the game will continue to develop, we will find out very soon. Until then, gather your team, take part in Operation Heavenly Fire and attack the alien flagship. We're already looking forward to some awesome interactive experience, as well as the full return of the Purple Cube.