Fortnite continues the summer of 2021 as we get used to the new rules of existence on the rebellious island. Aliens continue to dictate their laws and bring some confusion to the gameplay. In order to feel confident in battles, it is worth understanding the summer updates and learning how to benefit from cooperation with uninvited space guests.

Alien abduction

The alien fleet kidnaps the players. Although, it is unlikely to be a pure abduction, but rather an invitation to board an aircraft. The ship first hovers over the selected point, then sends down the light of the searchlights. A character who dares to fall under alien rays gets on board a UFO.


It is not yet known what benefits the aliens are pursuing, but for representatives of human civilization, visiting an airship brings some bonuses.

To get valuable gifts, players must clear the small balls from the room inside the alien flagship. Sphere clocks are especially appreciated. The more balls are collected, the more impressive the reward will be, therefore, do not rush to return to solid ground.

Players quickly realized their benefits and now the number of people wishing to get on board exceeds the capabilities of UFOs. The number of visitors is limited. Track the coordinates of the kidnappers on your map and hurry up to take advantage of the alien generosity.

Important! Kidnappers are not active in competitive mode games.

Alien parasites

The alien civilization has its own animal world, some of them have also penetrated the island. Small tenacious aliens stick to the character's head and feed on his health. the health indicator can drop by 60 points at a time. Of course, the Fortnite fighters didn't like it at first. But it turned out that clingers give several benefits in return for health. The player with the parasite is protected from being hit to the head, and his running speed and jumping ability also increase.

Small aliens cling not only to people, but also to animals. It is necessary to be careful so that the slime from such boars, wolves or chickens does not get on the players, as it also reduces health indicators. Some characters stock up on first-aid kits and healing substances, and are ready to constantly monitor their health. They specially kill infected animals. The parasite jumps to the person, and the player begins to use his protection.

The parasite eggs are spread by the robot Zyg and the alien Choppy. The player who defeats them will receive a powerful beam gun.

Nanobots are changing the laws of physics and crafting

Aliens are increasingly interfering with the life of Fortnite: the rules for creating items are changing, and a piece of land can now be turned into an alien ecosystem. To experience unusual sensations, it is enough to throw the nanobot to the ground. The character enters a biome with a reduced gravity and goes down very slowly after jumping. If you want to safely jump out of the biome, do it from a high position.

When nanobots are combined with existing weapons, you get rare lethal ray guns, rifles or cannons. Cubic nanobots can be found all over the map, inside the flagship, and on the abductors.

Order of the Loop attacked the flying saucers

The agents of the Order of the Loop hacked the control panels of the flying saucers and reduced the firing rate of the plasma cannons. Players have more time for a counterattack, which means they have increased chances to shoot down a UFO.

Error correction

Fortnite developers have fixed a number of bugs. Once again, it is possible to make changes to the loot stocks in the Battle Lab, and characters on the move will no longer receive unfair damage through the machines.

And of course, in the summer of 2021, new styles are unlocked for the characters in the Battle Pass. Adapt to changes, take advantage of new opportunities and win the Battle Royale!