Fortnite, Battle Royale is a game in which one hundred people get together, dress up in cartoon outfits, jump onto a virtual island, collect weapons and materials, and try to destroy each other until there is only one left. After the end of the match, the players re-queue and enter the next round. Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard shared how Fortnite has steadily grown into one of the largest and most daring experiments in online gaming history.

Why is there a story in Fortnite?

At first glance, the emphasis on the story may not be noticeable, but it is there. “It was an opportunity for me to create a new environment,” said Donald Mustard during an interview with The Verge. Epic Games has staged one of the most daring experiments, from live events with millions of people to videos created with the help of Hollywood directors. The team is constantly testing new ideas, adding narrative elements in a way that feels natural and meaningful.


The idea of ​​telling a game story is far from new. Epic Games' creative director says this has been a part of the plan since the beginning, since Fortnite's Battle Royale mode first launched in September 2017. Explaining what is happening and how is essential to a person's emotional attachment to entertainment.

How is Fortnite's story told?

The problem was how to tell the story. Since Fortnite is a multiplayer game in which players are mainly concerned with survival and shooting, the storytelling cannot be very simple. First, aside from the live performances, players usually don't see how events unfold. Instead, they see the consequences of events that have already taken place, perhaps in the form of a new place or a new object. “This story is happening, but you only see a part of it,” says Donald Mustard. "You only see the results of what is happening around you, you do not see everything that Agent Jones does. And very often in this world you see the results of some of these things, but not necessarily the moments that led to it."

Who is the main character of Fortnite?

Fortnite’s creative director emphasizes that there is no obvious main character in the game. While there are important characters in the Fortnite universe, the story is not told from any one particular point of view. Of course, most stories are easy and simple to tell through the prism of the character and the surrounding background. In Fortnite, everything is different. “The world of Fortnite is the main character,” says D. Mustard.

Fortnite and the environment

One of the most powerful storytelling tools used in Fortnite is thinking about the environment and its impact on human life. This is a game with big events - rocket launch, monster battle, black hole - each of them leaves an indelible mark on the map. This island is not just a place where players come together to hang out and shoot each other, it is a special virtual world filled with its own strange history, special connections and completely logical consequences.

Will the Fortnite storyline end?

D.Mastard says that the game has a storyline with a beginning and an end, and that he knows exactly where everything is going. But, due to the nature of Fortnite, the route to the story may change. And it depends on what the players say and do. Audience reactions can adjust the trajectory of the story.

Fortnite's history increasingly features real people, businesses, and other entertainment venues. Donald Mustard notes that this is also a very important part of development. Epic Games plans to form the Metaverse, bringing together a wide variety of characters and using the storylines of the most popular shows, films, and games. The company has a noble goal - to create the entertainment of the future, a new free environment where familiar entertainment is combined with interactive elements.