Finally, the developers from Epic Games are back from their vacation, and the players are waiting for the announced update v17.20. What should we know about innovation? The map hasn't changed at all, the only surprise is a huge rainbow over the sea. Perhaps this is just a symbol of diversity, but it is possible that the rainbow portends fateful changes.


Stickman Gildedguy

Several new skins have appeared in the game. They are all good and familiar to the eye. But, one of them caused bewilderment and a lot of questions - this is the Gildedguy skin. We agree that this is a very non-standard image, at first it does not fit into the usual brutal ideas about the cool Fortnite character. The dissonance will disappear when you can check the cartoon character in action.

The yellow man was created by a YouTube animator, hiding under the nickname Gildedguy. In fact, he sent his own doppelganger to Fortnite, a kind of alter ego. The author has created the short film "Gildedguy Determined!" and presented it in the Party Royal format. Players can purchase the Stellapen Smashpack Pickaxe and the Fighter's Cloak Slush Fighter Cape from Gildedguy from the Shop.

Loki Laudeyson - God of Deceit

The God of Deceit Loki deceiving everyone got into the July squad. Beware of his sophisticated mind, because you can expect anything from him! Fans of Marvel Studios and the Avengers movie will love the God of Cunning Pack.

It includes:

  • Skin "Loki";
  • Pickaxe "Loki's Scepter";
  • Back Bling "Loki's Cape";
  • Glider "Chitauri Chariot";
  • Loading screen "Loki’s Welcome".


The grab-itron, promised almost 2 months ago by Rick Sanchez himself from the fantastic cartoon series "Rick and Morty" is finally available! The device grabs medium-sized objects and fires them like projectiles. Well, it looks impressive! The grab-itron easily shoots rocks, benches and even cars. Arm yourself and hone your accuracy with new weapons!

"Choose your style" Bundle

If earlier players could purchase wraps for vehicles, assault rifles, rifles, shotguns and machine guns, then with the release of update v17.20, it became possible to buy wraps for their character. The "Choose Your Style" Bundle allows you to experiment with looks and upgrade your own outfit, back decorations and pickaxes. You can also change the hair color and some elements of the image. Some of the capes are animated. All wraps can be combined to create the most incredible combinations. Holographic backpacks and futuristic cleavers and picks look top-notch and help maintain a modern character style. For players who have purchased at least one wrap-around outfit, Epic Games has promised a present - a new "Pixel Break" wrap.


In addition to holographic weapons, Fortnite has several more original tools:

  • Aquari-Axe - several small fish float inside the water bubble, when struck, the weapon emits gurgling sounds;
  • Bugha Blades - double blades pierced by an electrical discharge;
  • Dauntless Driver is a gift for golf fans;
  • Stellapen Smashpack from the Gildedguy set;
  • Orbital abductor from the Opening Act Bundle - looks like a planet surrounded by satellites.

In total, seven new picks are presented, two of which are holographic and are modified using wrappers.


Unfortunately, only three new emotes have appeared in Fortnite, two of them are fixed for the Star Series. 

In stock:

  • Hey Now! Is the first emote from the Star Series;
  • Bring It Down - Champion Dance;
  • Take a Bow emotion - looks very cute and positive, symbolizes support and diversity.

Change your styles, make them even brighter than before! Meanwhile, there is a sense of anticipation of a stellar event in the air, Epics throw updates in small batches, and players anticipate large-scale shocks and try to predict the course of events.