What are Fortnite-mares in Fortnite? This is a very special and unique way to celebrate Halloween on the Fortnight gaming platform, a big event full of rewards and emotions.

Last year, Fortnite-mares was dedicated to revenge on the offended Midas. The winners received gifts from the deposed ruler's shadow comrade-in-arms. The entire island was adorned with creepy pumpkins, cobwebs, bats, and really resembled a place where nightmares occur.

Fortnite-mares Start Date 2021

On the last day of summer 2021, Epic Games announced preparations for the annual fall event. Epics asked players to come up with the most creative Halloween cards and place them on their Discovery tab. All map creators are invited to Fortnite-mares.


Judging by the timing of the past year, Fortnite-mares will most likely start 7 days before Halloween on October 24, 2021 and, like last time, will last 2 weeks. During these two weeks, players will complete Halloween-themed quests and earn a variety of goodies. There will also be an epic battle with a legendary rival.

Players' concerns: will the holiday be grandiose?

It is believed that the planned holiday will greatly depend on the theme of the 8th season of Fortnite and, perhaps, there will be unforeseen changes in the schedule. Star Wars Day has already been canceled this year, so players expect any catch. But let's hope that all these fears are unfounded, and the invitation to create thematic cards will guarantee a great event and cool presents. In addition, data miners report that a special surprise - Batman X Fortnite will be released by October 27, and the next collaboration with Marvel will present the Shang-Chi skin. Today, information about the Mummy skin and the arrival of a whole company of funny monsters has been practically confirmed.

Fortnite Creative and Creator Callout Contest 2021

Epic Games added Fortnite-mares. This special section will feature all the games that the creators will present during the Creator Callout 2021 competition.

Epic Games' official release says that Creator Callout 2021 will include various types of games that will allow players to try whatever they want on their own. Plus, in the first week of October, devs will be picking the best creepy maps. In doing so, the creators whose maps will be selected will receive recommendations from Epic Games representatives to further improve the gameplay, as well as help to hone their skills.

Nightfire game

To give players an insight into everything Fortnite Creative is possible, Epic Games worked closely with Meta4 Interactive to create a horror Minigame called Nightfire. Creators looking for inspiration and creative ideas are encouraged to test this card creatively before they start creating their own Halloween cards.

How to participate in the Fortnite-mares Creator Callout 2021 Contest?

To enter the Fortnite-mares Creator Callout 2021, there are a number of steps that creators need to follow. However, before proceeding with these steps, the player must ensure that their map is fully functional and ready to be deployed to Fortnite Creative.

Next, the author of the map must do the following:

  • Open Fortnite Creative Featured Content Form;
  • Select “Seasonal Event” in the menu;
  • Enter the requested information in the columns;
  • Click on the "Send" button.

Developers from Epic Games recommend that when creating maps, develop an intuitive gameplay system and pay attention to the stages of player progress. The game should be relevant to the theme, develop and capture the imagination.

We hope that in 2021 Fortnite-mares will be a landmark event for all fans of the game and amaze us with its grandiose ideas. Share your content, meet new friends and tell your stories to the entire gaming community.

Are you up to the creative challenge of Fortnite?