Fortnite newbies often ask what Llama is, where to find it, how to unlock it, and what is the use of this option.

What is Llama in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Llama is a piñata, paper craft with a surprise inside. This is, first of all, a way to get rare loot. But it's not that simple. Over time, llamas from common loot boxes turned into a symbol of the game.


How to get Llama piñata?

There are several ways to get Llama in Fortnite:

  • As a gift when you log into the game every day;
  • As a reward for completing a difficult mission;
  • As a reward for defending the main base storm shield;
  • As a reward for helping other participants in passing the shield;
  • Find when passing the route;
  • Purchase with V-Bucks.

It is not always easy to find a piñata, but when you find it gives tons of positive emotions, as the player unexpectedly acquires new characters, blueprints, traps, weapons, ammunition, first aid kits, potions, and even V-bucks.

Types of Llamas

Fortnite has its own classification of Llamas, they can be basic (containing only 3-4 items), daily and event.

Daily piñatas fall into many categories that change from season to season. Such Llamas can contain rare equipment, epic weapons, and many other items that a character needs in gameplay. The price of a loot box depends on the content and can range from 120 to 1500 V-Bucks.

Event Llamas also contain rare loot, they can be purchased for 500 or 1000 event tickets. Often, these piñatas are available for a limited period of time.

Some llamas can be upgraded, the upgrade is purchased in the in-game store for 50 V-Bucks. During a match, to upgrade Llama, throw a virtual dice at it and click on the "upgrade" button.

Where to find Llama?

Llamas spawn in random places, but experienced players know that there are areas where they spawn most often (for example, behind the mountain, opposite the Haunted Hills). If you are hunting for llamas, then it is better to turn off the "draw distance" setting and then objects will be better visible even from a great distance.

How to open Llama?

Newbies ask about the way to open the piñata and how much time it takes to open it. Llamas are opened by using the interaction button, it takes no more than 5 seconds.

You can also get resources using any weapon, just inflict damage on the Llama and collect the loot.

X-ray Llamas

From the very beginning of the game, the characters acquired Llamas with unknown content, they never knew what they were paying money for. Many people liked the element of surprise, it added gambling to the game. At the same time, many participants were unhappy, as surprises were often disappointing. Therefore, the Epic team went to meet the wishes of the players, and in 2021 opened the opportunity to see the contents of the piñata in the in-game store. X-ray Llamas show their contents immediately and can be upgraded to Silver or Gold status. If the set of items inside the piñata is not suitable for the player, he can wait a few hours and go to the store after the update. New loot kits appear once a day.

Updated Llamas Chapter 2, Season 7

In the 7th season of the 2nd chapter of Fortnite, an unexpected surprise awaited the players. Now Llamas are not just sadly standing toys, but quite mobile characters that can run fast and even swim. Catch up!

As you can see, Fortnite Llamas are a valuable and essential resource for materials, weapons, and health. The popular loot box has long left the limits of the online shooter and massively popularizes the game in the gaming subculture. After all, as you know, the pink-blue Llama is the Fortnite luck mascot.