V-Bucks is the in-game currency of Fortnite. It is necessary for a full-fledged gameplay for both a professional eSports and a beginner. With the help of V-Bucks, you can improve your battle pass, upgrade weapons and update skins. A fairly common way to get game money is to buy it. But, if the player does not want to spend money, regardless of his motives, there are several alternative options for replenishing the wallet.

Today you will learn all possible ways to get V-bucks for free and not to donate.


Daily login to the game

Players who are committed to Fortnite always win, because for the regular entry to Fortnite Save The World mode, the participant receives a variety of gifts. Gifts are given according to the List of responsible days. This can be not only skins, cosmetics, legendary items, llamas, experience, materials, but also the in-game currency V-Bucks. The system encourages daily log-in so that the most regular members receive more valuable gifts. If you want to consistently replenish your personal account, do not interrupt your visits, go to the platform once a day, at least for a few minutes.

As a result of these simple actions, from 200 to 600 free V-Bucks can be imperceptibly accumulated on your account during the month. That is why it is more than profitable to enter the game every day. In addition to money, there is another of the most rewarding things you get for visiting Fortnite regularly - llamas. By breaking them, the character randomly receives values: heroes, weapons, blueprints, outfits and many other necessary items.

Completing in-game tasks and replenishing your wallet with free V-Bucks from Fortnite

To get free V-Bucks quickly and safely, use the online sandbox game features. It is enough to regularly perform the assigned challenges for the virtual money to start flowing into the account. Regardless of whether you are using the paid or free version, the accumulated experience points take your character to the next level, which is accompanied by a nice bonus, up to 100 V-bucks.

Let’s consider 4 options for challenges that are worth completing in order to quickly increase your level and safely count on replenishing your balance.

Completing the Daily-Quest

The easiest way to replenish your wallet is to complete daily tasks. These tasks include completing missions with the specified type of character, scouting, treasure hunting, or killing certain enemies. Such challenges are not very difficult but quite interesting, they require 15-20 minutes of your time, and in return they give you from 50 to 100 virtual currency units. You will not have time to get bored, as daily quests are updated with each patch. Many goals require team action, so make an agreement with your friends in advance, complete the tasks and get your honestly earned V-Bucks. If you don't like some kind of missions or they seem boring, then once a day you can give up one quest and get another one in return. To do this, just click the "Replace task" button.

If you have time and desire, then you can try to complete three daily tasks at once and earn even more money. For example, when completing three Canny Valley missions, the participant receives 75 V-Bucks, three Plankerton dailies are paid with 60 coins, and for three closed Twin Peaks goals the player will get 100 V-bucks. It is better to complete the tasks on the day of receipt, so that they do not overlap with each other.

Completing timed missions for mini-bosses

Completing timed missions for mini-bosses is another way to enrich yourself with V-Bucks. Timed Missions are of several types and are paid not only with money, but also with various gifts. The Fortnite, Save the World mode encourages players who are able to cope with difficulties in a short period of time. For completing one task, a character can receive from 25 to 40 V-bucks.

To find the Timed Mission, look for an icon with a clock symbol on the map. However, the administration limits those who want to receive V-Bucks indefinitely: a player is allowed to complete no more than three tasks for mini-bosses per day. Luckily, missions are updated every day.

Completing Storm Shield Defense (SSD) missions

Storm Shield Defense Missions are a decent option for getting free V-Bucks. The battle with the storm can take place in four regions:

  • Stonewood;
  • Plankerton;
  • Canny Valley;
  • Twine Peaks.

In each of them, players will have to defend their shields and perform special tasks: searching for ammunition and treasures, rescuing survivors, killing husks, building and collecting resources. New Storm Shield defense missions are unlocked after completing every tenth quest. Tasks are updated with each new game patch.

Completing Storm Shield Defense missions allows characters to quickly level up and replenish their V-Bucks to upgrade their Battle Pass and purchase skins. Important! Repeated completion of Storm Shield Defense missions does not provide additional gifts.

Completing Fortnite Side Quests

Free V-Bucks can be earned in Fortnite by completing side quests. They are easy to find under the “Quests” tab in the main menu.

Side quests can be completed only once by a participant. Each challenge is valued at 20 -100 virtual currencies. Experienced players boast that they can accumulate up to 3000 V-bucks in a short period of time.

The developers offer many tasks:

  • Killing the specified number of monsters;
  • Helping other players;
  • Collecting different types of weapons and items;
  • Looking for the objects;
  • Search;
  • Checking chests;
  • Damaging from different types of small arms;
  • Explosive damage to enemy buildings;
  • Destruction of objects;
  • Improving weapons;
  • Visiting locations;
  • Dancing;
  • Interaction with the most unexpected objects.

As you can see from this incomplete list, you won't be bored, Fortnight does everything to make the gameplay bright and creative. Find the most suitable targets for you and go on the hunt for V-Bucks.

Additional in-game ways to purchase free V-Bucks

Novice players often simply do not have information about places and activities that bring V-Bucks for free, and therefore miss the opportunity to replenish their account. Learn the additional features of the gameplay and choose the most comfortable and useful route for yourself.

Attendance at major events, participation in promotions

Free V-Bucks are easy and fun to receive during special events and promotions. The Fortnite administration periodically announces celebrations of major events, such as New Year, Halloween or the anniversary of the game's release. This period is limited in time and is rich in many pleasant bonuses. Holiday Events are missions with themed storylines. After successfully completing tasks, users are rewarded with valuable items such as skins or weapons, but most importantly, free V-Bucks.

Sometimes, just attending an event is enough to get a present. Of course, this activity cannot be called a constant source of income. Promotions are a rare, enjoyable opportunity that experienced players will never ignore. To keep up with events and not miss the opportunity to replenish your wallet, you should follow the news in the "Quests" section of the Fortnite main menu. We also recommend visiting relevant news websites and chatting with other players.

Royal Concept Competition

At the beginning of 2021, the Fortnite developers announced a new Royal Concept competition. Participants are offered to create exclusive skins designs. The winners of the competition will be announced at the end of 2021 during a festive winter event dedicated to the New Year of 2022.

Creative works are accepted until 12.07.2021. One person can submit only one application. Children under the age of 13 cannot participate in the competition. The two lucky winners with the most creative skins will have their concepts immortalized as in-game Outfits.The creative authors of the prize-winning works will receive a reward of $2,500. In addition to the presentation of the "Royal Concept", representatives of the Fortnite administration promise a lot of pleasant surprises in the New Year holidays period.

Participating in Fortnite Training Camps from Battle Bootcamp

The professional esports organization Battle Bootcamp, has organized training sessions for young budding Fortnite fans. The program was developed by professional e-sportsmen and coaches, and is designed for players over 13 years old.

Each applicant becomes a member of one of the teams. During the lessons, presentations and reports of experienced players will be held. The training is accompanied by video instructions and skills testing. You can participate in online tournaments every day. The potential and level of communication of students are evaluated by professional consultants.

Battle Bootcamp develops young talents in a positive environment and increases the level of young esports players, as well as giving players the chance to compete for free V-Bucks. After completing the daily tasks and the final challenge, players are awarded with rating points. The V-bucks are given based on these results. Participants who have taken  10001–20,000 positions will receive 200 V-Bucks. The first place is estimated at 25,000 V-Bucks.

The one who does not leave the race and gets to the final tasks, receives additional prizes (for example, cab-lama graffiti).

Bonuses in the form of additional free V-Bucks with a real purchase

If a player uses a donation, he/she can buy V-Bucks from the Epic Store or any of the official retail sites such as, Microsoft, or with the help of a gift card. Very often, in addition to the purchase, a certain amount of bonus free bucks is attached. For example, by paying 4000 V-Bucks, the player gets an additional 1000 V-Bucks. Thus, the total package is 5000 virtual game units.

Using a Paid Battle Pass

A paid battle pass, in addition to many preferences, increases the character's chances to unlock exclusive quests and, thus, helps to earn more V-bucks.

Out-of-game activity for getting V-Bucks

You can also get free V-Bucks outside the gaming platform. These methods can be used in addition to the standard gaming options. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that, since many of these offers are not related to the official Fortnite application, you should be careful when using them.

Always check especially generous offers and be guided by reason, not excitement.

Getting Fortnite V-Bucks from Bonus Programs

The Fortnite game attracts thousands of people and eventually became the center of the entire gaming universe. Many related businesses revolve in its orbit. Participants who are interested in the possibility of getting free money can receive offers to complete any task. For example, watch a YouTube video, answer questions or download an application. These activities allow you to exchange the earned credit for a variety of forms of payment, including Fortnite V-Bucks. Almost always, these offers are limited in time and very often by territory. Before accepting the terms, we advise you to make sure they are safe and try to learn the reputation of the bonus program. Use reliable verification tools like SurveyPolice. It is better to discuss the offer with other players, perhaps some of them have already had an experience of positive cooperation or, conversely, experience of interacting with scammers. Thus, you can save yourself from losing time and money.

Using Free V-Bucks Generator

V-Bucks Generators are mobile applications or websites that offer to get a certain amount of Fortnite currency for free in exchange for the player's personal information. None of the generators, studied by us, passed the integrity test. All these offers are based on manipulation, most of the time their goals are to collect personal information and sell illiquid goods online.

If you value your account and want to avoid being banned, do not fall for the demands of scammers and never give your personal data and passwords to anyone. V-Bucks generators are a false path that we do not recommend using.


In this article, you have received a complete overview of the ways to replenish your virtual credit. All methods have been tested by experienced players many times. An active player without a donation can receive up to 4000 - 4500 free V-Bucks per month. But even if you simply log in to the game every day, your account will gradually fill up.

Of course, the creators of Fortnite will gladly accept your money, but if you want to replenish your wallet for free, you will have to pay some attention to the gameplay and settle your own time. Stay up to date with the latest developments on the gaming platform, follow the Fortnite news, complete a variety of missions, earn free V-Bucks and upgrade your Battle Pass!