It's time to figure out how the new Fortnite Season 17 Battle Pass is rocking, how it differs from the old one, what level cap we need, and how long it will take.

What are the changes in the Fortnite Battle Pass Season 17?

The new BP system somewhat puzzled the players, as battle stars appeared and it seemed to someone that everything had become much more complicated. Indeed, this is not the case. The main change is the ability to choose the order of receiving rewards yourself. The player can first choose their preferred rewards, and at the very end what seems to him not particularly suitable. To unlock all positions of the Battle Pass, you need to earn 500 stars, which corresponds to the same 100 levels of BP. Only after taking all the awards of the first hundred levels, you can proceed to the bonus awards section.


Bonus rewards

The bonus rewards section contains gifts that are given out for completing levels above the hundredth. As you can see, the changes are minimal, we can simply evaluate the entire route and know what rewards await us. There are 5 pages in the section, each of them is rated at 100 stars (500 in total) and also corresponds to one hundred Battle pass levels. Active players counting on all rewards must complete 200 BP levels.

Fortnite experience boost

To pass the hundredth level, the player must earn 7,620,000 experience. To close the two hundredth level, you need 13816500 XP. That is, after level 100, pumping goes a little faster.

There are 5 types of challenges in Fortnite:

  • Usual - estimated at 1700 XP;
  • Unusual - daily challenges, once a day there are 3 new tasks of 17,000 XP each, (up to 5,000,000 XP per season);
  • Rare - 65 challenges in 5 stages, 12,000 XP each, (you can collect 3,840,000 XP in a season);
  • Epic - weekly challenges for 30,000 XP, (3,000,000 XP per season);
  • Legendary - appear weekly and only for 7 days, are estimated at 30,000-45,000 XP, (for a season - 2,300,000 XP).

Time required for successful pumping

Let's be realistic, it is quite difficult to complete all 100% of the tasks. But, if you concentrate on completing more significant weekly quests, then with 6-10 hours of play per week, the hundredth level is quite achievable.

Season 17 lasts 95 days (14 weeks) and ends on September 12, 2021. To reach level 200 and receive all the rewards, a gamer must pass from 2 to 3 levels per day. Well, if the goal is only level 100, then it is enough to level up from one and a half to two levels per day.

Fast leveling tips

If the player logs into Fortnite, but does not complete the unusual daily tasks, the experience for these tasks will still be credited as a bonus to the experience. The system does not track gaming activity, the very fact of visiting the site is important. Therefore, at any opportunity, just go into the game and your experience balance will be replenished.

Another tip for those who want to level up quickly, but do not have free time: you can get experience at farming in creative mode. Open it for a couple of hours a day, turn on your creative emotion and, while your character is dancing in the lobby, go about your business.

Do not ignore the temporary quests that appear during special events. They are generally easy to implement, not time consuming, and well paid.

Download information about rare quests from the descriptions. After the start of the game, we quickly complete one common and one uncommon quest, and we find an available rare quest.

Use all the opportunities for farming that the map provides: open all boxes, deal with animals, talk on the phone, take a task from the order board, use everything you see. It does not take much time, but it significantly replenishes XP balance and resources.

Harness the potential of UFOs. The Flying Saucer is ideal for destroying rocks and bushes, inflicting damage from a height and moving in vehicles.

Do not play in jerks. Of course, you can sit down at the computer and quickly make 30 levels in 2 days, this is a matter of taste and free time, but the best results are obtained by even passing tasks.

Now you know how quickly you can level up to level 100 in Season 17. Enjoy your game and a full set of Battle Pass rewards!