The new 17.20 update was expected in early July 2021. But the Fortnite development team notified the community that they also wanted to go on summer vacation and moved the release date. Many issues have been reported as Epic Games tries to fix some of the current in-game trivia and shortcomings. Well, perhaps before the end of the month we will see something marvelous. Moreover, small patches periodically appear, influencers receive hints of upcoming new items, and all new weapons have long been in the files.


There are really many fantastic changes and innovations expected in this patch, ranging from weapons, locations and ending with mind-blowing skins. And most of all the goodies will be received by the owners of the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, only skins and some third-party items will appear for mere mortals.

At the moment, all Fortnite is talking about on Twitter are the items from the Cosmic Summer store and the fact that they will soon disappear. Of course, this is somewhat important, but this is not exactly what all players want.

Locations and alien aggression

No one is surprised by the giant alien ship hovering over Fortnite island. This flagship UFO is heading straight for the Coral Fortress. Apparently, it will be destroyed. And in Holly Hatchery, more and more areas with altered gravity appear.

There is an assumption that the developers will change the climate of the Fortnite world. Throughout the 17th season, the amount of water will decrease, streams will become shallow, rivers and lakes will dry up, and the ocean level can drop roughly. Drought and a mountainous desert landscape await us. But, all this is nothing compared to the high probability of the beginning of active hostilities with aliens.

The Epic Games team has also released a teaser image showing the new underground hotspot. The picture shows a dirty cave in which there is a huge alien ship.

Weapons and vehicles

Update 17.20 will please us with a lot of functional, cool items. They will interest both professionals and beginners. As always, experienced players will have a much better chance of getting suitable new items. However, no one has canceled the donation yet.

It is unknown whether there will be new vehicles in this patch, images of Superman's flying ships are visible in the announcements. But, most likely, this will only happen in August. Judging by the teaser and the content of the files, the intergalactic traveler Rick Sanchez from the fantastic cartoon series "Rick and Morty" will have a Gravity Gun and a Bed News minigun. Rick's cannon will grab large objects and damage objects with their help. In the teaser, he destroys a gas station with an orange passenger car. There is also information about improved grenades containing a swarm of bees inside.


Nanobot cubes have already appeared in Fortnite, with their help an area of ​​the anti-gravity biome opens. It is interesting because you can jump much higher than usual. These cube gadgets are useful for crafting: if you attach them to regular weapons, you can upgrade your cannons, rifles, or ray guns.

LeBron James skins in update 17.20

You can already see the movie “Space Jam” in cinemas starring LeBron James. Fortnite players will get access to two LeBron James skins at once. By purchasing one of them, the player will unlock special challenges. Each of the skins has 2 options.

The first outfit is royal, you will appreciate the design of the golden crown and magnificent wings. The second style also has 2 options (sportswear and casual T-shirt with tacos). The set also includes: emotion, backpack, hang glider and pickaxe. All of these items can be applied to other images.

As you complete the challenges, items will become more and more golden. And players with a special slider will be able to edit the degree of gilding.

Influencers are looking forward to the LeBron Cup draw, with the possibility of winning the corresponding skin. This is indicated by the updated basketball court, and the emergence of new NPCs. The new Fortnite basketball system, which has been demonstrated during the legal battle with Apple, is also being discussed. Whether it is true or not, we will find out very soon, update 17.20 is on the way!