After the black hole consumed the entire world of Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 10, timelessness has come. The servers did not respond to user accounts and many fell into a panic: Fortnite is dead! But, after a few days, the hole transformed and created a new universe. And the developers of Epic Games have introduced a new era to the gaming community - the era of the second chapter of Fortnite.

Epics have radically redefined approaches to the development and popularization of the game. First of all, the mechanics were reworked and improved. The players started fishing. The developers have expanded the map, enhanced the visual component and soundtrack. The arsenal of weapons has become more diverse, new items have appeared.


New bright world

Players saw an updated world in which they could fish out a cannon or a shotgun. Nevertheless, there were many painfully familiar details on the map, reminiscent of the events of the first chapter. Players were surprised to find a slightly modified Pleasant Park, Sharp Keys and other locations. Giant Cooling Towers have appeared in the north of the map. The plant was powered by the energy it extracted from the purple cube. The monument in the center of the location reminded of this.

In the south of the island, the characters discovered a powerful underground bunker. Since no one was able to get inside, we could only guess what was hidden there. One theory was that the headquarters of the sinister agent Chaos was located in the dungeon.

Agent Chaos and the Alter and Ego organizations

The storyline developed in a confrontation between two organizations: Alter and Ego. Members of the Ego Group (Sludge, 8-Ball, Turk, Journey) arrived on the island on a strange green plane to find out what happened, where did the new island come from and who is using the zero point energy?

The rival  Alter organization was under the leadership of the Chaos villain. Using the DNA of the main characters, he created their opposites. At the Slurpy Swamp Factory, a Rippley was made as an alternative to the Sludge. Then the opposite version of 8-Ball (Scratch) and a whole squad of clones were discovered.

Big Chuggus and Fusion

As a result of the experiments of the Chaos Agent, the Big Chuggus appeared. This strange character rose from his grave and was reanimated on a couch in an abandoned cabin near the Slurpy Swamp.

Epic Games created an anti-universe and used alternative versions of characters with might and main. This is how the representatives of good and evil, the antagonists of Light and Dusk (Xev and Vex), appeared. The result of Chaos's experiments to merge these opposing principles was Fusion - a skin of the hundredth level of the Battle Pass.

The goals of the Chaos Agent and his opponents

The goal of the Chaos Agent is to unite two realities into one, and create a powerful army. For this he needs the energies of the zero point and the cube. The villain uncontrollably distributed weapons and ammunition in order to cause general enmity and showdown. In this he was helped by the Halloween Monsters. And the Alter organization hunted the main characters who gave them life.

The first in the Weeping Woods lost to his clone was the 8-Ball. After that, the team of the main characters rallied and became more active. In response, the Chaos Agent puts in an even tougher genetic experience and creates an even more perfect clone. This is how the secret skin, the perfect Sorana, was born. Uncontrolled experiments led to the fact that snow storms began on the island. The Ego Group must stop the head of the Alter Group before it is too late and another universal catastrophe has not happened.

Midas Gold

During the first season of the second chapter, players noticed that for some reason, many items became golden. The riddle was revealed after meeting the mysterious Midas, the hero turned everything he touched into gold. And the rare lucky ones got the Mythic Goldfish.

Fortnite Chapter 11 Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass has undergone minor changes. The maximum level of Battle Pass is no longer limited to level 100. Now the player could even get to the three hundredth level.

Once they got into the new universe, many players were unhappy with the new map, the quality of 3D sound, the farming system, because with the similarity of the worlds, many moments were unusual. Epics were hated but, one way or another, after a few weeks everyone got used to the innovations and began to wait for the further development of the plot.