The second chapter of the second season of Fortnite began with a delay. The players were tired of being in almost unchanging conditions for more than 2 months, and the start of the next part of the Fortnite adventure was greeted with great enthusiasm. The Epic Games team did not disappoint: the mechanics, locations, content pleased us with good ideas and their suitable implementation.

Season 12 plot development

The twelfth season was held under the motto "Top Secret!" And, in fact, it was not easy to understand the political situation on the island. Everything changed with incredible speed. The golden-handed Midas entered the game and announced his presence in the previous season. Gold brought him to power and formed a bright team surrounded by him. 


Teams Alter and Ego have turned into fully-fledged opposing organizations. They built many of their own secret and not-so-secret bases on the island, acquired followers and changed their names. Ego was renamed as the Ghost, and Alter became the Shadow.

Midas and his Government

Midas removed the Chaos Agent, took over the Doomsday Machine, and took over the government of Fortnite Island. His Ghost agency is located on an island in a well-fortified fortress. Another branch of his organization was on a luxury yacht docked on the ocean. It was dominated by Meowscles, the right hand of Midas. New locations have appeared on the map: the Giant Grotto of Brutus, The Rig, The Shark, Box Factory.

Organization Shadow (A.L.T.E.R.)

At the beginning of the season, the Shadow literally "went into the shadows", at first it did not have enough resources to confront the financial organization of Midas. Nevertheless, they were the first to enter the fray, captured the Grotto and moved their main headquarters there. Next, Shadow defeated the Rig, seized Meowscles' yacht, and built a helicopter base in Pleasant Park. The balance of power changed dramatically, players did not have time to track the history of the betrayal of Midas agents, many of them were repainted in the dark colors of the Shadow.

Waiting for Doomsday

Midas announced an additional recruitment of agents to the Ghost organization and launched a counteroffensive. His supporters took over Shark Island and set up the Ghost prison there. Meanwhile, experiments with the Doomsday Machine caused uncontrolled vibrations of energy. 5 underwater hatches appeared around the Midas headquarters. After a while, they started glowing with a purple light and bubbling. A huge cloud formed around the island, strange pipes and a countdown timer appeared in the lobby, and players began to anticipate a cool new event.

Doomsday has come

Midas wanted to rip the island out of the parallel universe, but he failed. The forces stored in the Doomsday machine burst out. Towers grew out of the hatches, receiving streams of energy and giving them to the surrounding space. The world of Fortnite plunged into chaos. The waters of the ocean rose like a wall and crashed to the ground. Now the history of the island has its own universal flood.

Fun Fact: During the confusion, the players were shown Agent Jones and the office of the Loop Theory, the organization that controls all aspects of Fortnite's life.

Battle Pass of the Chapter 2 Season 2 

In the Battle Pass, players received the Midas skin for reaching level 100.

On the way to it, one could get hold of such images:

  • Agent Peely;
  • Maya;
  • Brutus;
  • TNTina;
  • Meowscles;
  • Skye.

The confrontation of different forces and the struggle for energy sources constantly endangers life on the island of Fortnite. Doomsday has changed the map and kicked off a new third season of Fortnite Chapter 2!