Fortnite is an online mix of a sandbox and shooter in which you need to be able to collect resources, build fortifications, and fight competitors and zombies. Players have a wide variety of options for playing and spending time. What kind of activity to choose? To deal with this, consider the 2 basic Fortnite formats and their most significant additional modes:

  • Battle Royale
  • Party Royal (Royal party);
  • Creative mode
  • Fight the Storm.

Battle royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is available on PCs, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Android platforms (Epic Games app). This is a free mode, but if the player wants to speed up his progress, then he can make a donation, and for a certain amount of in-game currency V-Bucks, buy the necessary items.

The Battle Royale begins when a hundred thugs land on a desert island, and ends with the victory of one of them. Another mechanic of the game mode is the construction of structures. This requires resources: wood, stone and metal.

The battle royale does not have time to get bored, as there are always new events: flooding, meteorite falling or spy mania. The summer of 2021 began with the advent of alien monsters. Players are now learning new skills such as controlling UFOs, interacting with parasites, or jumping in strange anti-gravity biomes.

In each season, the developers throw up the latest types of cars, weapons and skins. Battle Royale often features special events and additional game formats.

Royal party

Party Royal mode became a logical continuation of the Battle Royale. This is an absolutely unusual virtual place in which exciting events constantly take place. A party member can forget about opponents, battles and survival. It's nice to chill here and take part in all kinds of entertainment with friends. These can be superstar performances, cartoons or movies releases, crazy races or overcoming obstacle courses.

Fortnite Royal Party is free and runs on PCs, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Android devices (Epic Games app).

Creative Mode

Creative Mode is another nice derivative of the free Battle Royale mode. Any player can create a personal island and invite their friends to it. The rules of the game and the composition of the team are determined by the owner of the map. He independently or together with friends develops the scenery and builds a new world, taking into account personal tastes and preferences. The author can share his / her work in the public domain so that other players can appreciate the creator's creativity.

Save the World

Save the World is an action-packed, epic PvE campaign with building and collecting elements. The characters explore a huge island and fight off hordes of Husks. To become stronger, the player must collect loot, improve weapons and create their own collection of heroes. Participants take refuge from creepy monsters in forts with traps.

Save the World is a paid Fortnite mode that runs on Xbox, PlayStation, and personal computers. Access to Save the World can be purchased from the Epic Games official website or the Google Play Market.

Between the two basic modes: Save the World and Battle Royale, there is a free flow of V-Bucks. In addition, skins, emblems, emotions, music, pickaxes and, with some restrictions, many other items can be moved from format to format. For the convenience of the participants, Fortnite retains the possibility of cross-platform interaction.

As you can see, each person has the opportunity to choose the most convenient type of game and recreation. In Fortnite, you can battle Husks, build forts, escape the storm, capture UFOs, attend concerts, or create new worlds on your own. Make your choice!