Each update brings new items and bug fixing to the game. This usually happens in the background and does not require any interruption in the game. But, on July 27, 2021, many players had to endure interruptions in the gameplay and, as it turned out, this was due to the launch of the mini update v17.21.

What has changed on the Fortnite Island map?


A countdown board has been added to the Fortnite lobby. It is not yet clear what this all means, but many experienced players have expressed their opinion about the upcoming event or about a live concert. Another group of participants has more ominous predictions, they expect a full-scale alien invasion and the beginning of active hostilities. Let's consider both of these options.

Full-scale invasion

Fortnite has a constant increase of alien presence. The appearance of a huge UFO scared people at first, but then the fears subsided. Aliens are almost non-aggressive, even if they drag earthlings into their ship, they do no harm and give valuable loot to be collected there. Small parasites stick to the heads of fighters and improve their performance. Four-seat aircraft and new weapons have appeared in the game. Extraterrestrial artifacts and new technologies like many characters, and make them treat the new civilization quite loyally.

And what in return? And in return, the aliens are expanding their presence and conducting reconnaissance. Holly Abode is already completely occupied by aliens. They are introducing their own biomes on Earth, repeating the gravitational laws of the mother planet. Half of the NPCs are missing from the island.

Nobody knows for what purpose the parasites join people. Perhaps this is part of a spy network? The likelihood that the Imagined Order is right in it’s warnings, and the countdown timer calls for preparing for war, increases with each passing day.

Insiders report that Coral Castle will be the first to suffer. There is also information that the aliens have all POIs in their plans, and large-scale destruction awaits us all over the island.

Will a live concert take place in Fortnite?

Perhaps Fortnite fans will participate in yet another live concert, similar to those given by Marshmello and Travis Scott.

Rumors have been circulating on the net for a long time about the interaction between Epic Games and the most popular pop star in the music industry, Ariana Grande. During the trial with Apple, Epic Games, as one of the arguments, provided evidence of a planned collaboration with the singer. At the same time, during the litigation, the name of LeBron James sounded as a VIP character participating in the collaboration with Epic Games. In July, the Basketball Player Skin Pack was added to Fortnite. Therefore, it seems quite logical to assume that Ariana Grande will also, in some way, join the world of Fortnite entertainment. And, it could be a live concert! As an additional argument, insiders use the fact that a fresh series of three posters featuring a pop star has appeared on the network.

When will we know the truth?

As you can see, two completely opposite ideas appear in the arguments of Fortnite visionaries: war or friendship. Let us not forget that a third, so far unknown to us, variant of the development of events is also quite possible. We try to guess what is waiting for the Fortnite community in the nearest future, and the clock is counting down. And if the Epic Games administration does not reveal the cards, then the secret will become known only on August 6, 2021 at 23:00 Kyiv time (15:00 Pacific Standard Time).