A huge alien ship continues to hang over Fortnite Island. He conducts exploration and spreads his influence over the remnants of human civilization. The Imagined Order is trying to resist the invasion. Summer updates brought a lot of innovations, let's take a look at some of them.

Rainbow and Rainbow Royale Items were added


Far outside the island, players can see a rainbow. For now, nobody knows what it means, but the rainbow design is firmly established in the game. We are waiting for new events.

A selection of in-game Rainbow Royale Items contains:

  • Emotion "Take a ‘Bow";
  • Graffiti "Vibrant Heart";
  • Wrap "Wild Rainbow";
  • Graffiti "Vibrant Llama";
  • Graffiti "Vibrant Boogie";
  • Graffiti "Vibrant Star".

The process to claim these colorful items is standard:

  • We go into the game;
  • We open a store;
  • Find a section with free lots;
  • Click on the "Buy" button next to the selected item.

If the system gives an error, don't panic, just try again. During the distribution of freebies, server crashes are common.

Four-time NBA Champion LeBron James Appears in Stellar Battle Royale Series

Insider information about basketball star LeBron James joining Fortnite has been fully confirmed. The appearance of a new hero is associated with the release of the animated sports comedy "Space Jam, New Legends". The film combines live footage, traditional hand-drawn 2D animation and 3D effects, which is very much in tune with the cartoonish design of Fortnite.

LeBron James skins have been compiled into two sets: "King James Set" and "King James Gear Set". Unfortunately, the hopes that at least some of the items would be free were not justified. The complete kit costs 4300 V-Bucks. The price is really high, but we have to admit that the equipment is worth the money.

The King James Bundle is priced at 2,500 V-Bucks and includes:

  • Skin "LeBron James";
  • Skin "Tune Squad LeBron";
  • Back Bling "King’s Bling";
  • Back Bling "Pack Supreme";
  • Loading Screen "Court’s In Session";
  • Quests for Gilding.

The King James Gear Set can be purchased for 1800 V-Bucks and consists of:

  • Glider "Wingspan";
  • Pickaxe "The Lion";
  • Emotion "Silencer";
  • Quests for Gilding.

The main skin of the hero is topped with a rainbow crown, which in itself looks very impressive. During the quests, the basketball player's clothes are more and more covered with gold. Gilding has 23 levels. At the last level, LeBron James looks like in a promo video: with a gold crown and gold epaulettes in the form of lion heads on his shoulders. The king's back bling is decorated in the form of the number 6, it is pierced with lightning and, with maximum gilding, golden dust flows from it. The glider "Wingspan" is also very effective, with it the champion turns into an angel with black wings on his back. The Space Jam skin is presented in two versions and consists of a sports, basketball uniform and a casual outfit with a taco pattern on a T-shirt. Check out the Silencer emote, brutal gestures can be purchased separately, they only cost 200 V-Bucks.


Battle Pass holders can now design their own alien Kymera on their own. Change his styles, as well as armor, skin color, head shape and eyes. Epic Games claims that when combined, you can get up to 800,000 variants of the Kymera’s appearance. In order to create an original image, players will need alien artifacts.

Alien artifacts in Fortnite

Alien artifacts first caused concerns, but now they are being used to improve gameplay and craft weapons. They are scattered all over the island and can be found in the most unexpected places. They can also be found by unlocking Space Crystal Chests.

When the game ends, the collected alien loot is displayed in the notification. It also contains a reminder of the ability to optimize the alien skin.

As you can see, the developers from Epic Games are doing everything to diversify the game and make it more and more fun. Buy new skins, use alien artifacts and remember that the fate of human civilization and the island of Fortnite is at stake.