In July 2021, Epic Games and Fortnite are celebrating the 4th birthday of Save The World. Events will begin in July 25, 2021, at 3:00 AM UTC.

What needs to be done to participate in the celebration?

Players will have to complete several quests under the general title "Beyond the Starry Horizon", as well as help the Nutcracker in the second half of the "Time to Go" series.

Participants in the fun will receive as a gift special decorated llamas containing blueprints and some old heroes. To do this, you have to go through a small quest "Explosive Husks". Thus, the player will earn one birthday piñata and additionally will be able to take 2 more free llamas from the shop. The promotion is valid in July 22-28, 2021.


Beyond the starry horizon and Azalea Clark

Launch the Brave ship in the Beyond the Star Horizon quest. Quest reward - Interstellar Traveler Azalea Clark. The mythical commander-in-chief of the Brave ship is valued for her extraordinary mastery of space technologies and the command skill of the BAM. The heroine's drone every 6 seconds produces more than 100 points of base energy damage to a random enemy.

Hit the road and the Mesozoic South

Open the table of tasks, find the column "Time to go", take a virtual trip and win a unique lizard. The Mesozoic Southey is prized for its ability to super concentrate and quickly regenerate energy when shield strength drops.

Hit the road and the Nutcracker

The Nutcracker must get into the control room of the radio station and play the second part of his piece of music on the air. Help him fulfill this mission.

Consider the activity of the following modifiers:

  • Hidden enemies - the system does not show opponents;
  • Fast and dead - if the character's shield is destroyed, then damage comes back to the monsters;
  • Exploding present - an explosive device appears in place of the killed hunks.

After completing this quest, the player also receives the Deciblaster. This gadget spreads damage over the area, generating a powerful sound that easily passes through opponents and can be reflected several times from inanimate objects.

The following modifiers will be launched in the first week of August:

  • Husks’ health - Husks will receive an excess of health;
  • Meat machines - players are thrown away during attacks of opponents;
  • Zero gravity - aliens modify the island and try to implement their laws of physics. Players will jump higher and run faster.

Archaeologist Jess sees the target

Archaeologist Jess can be obtained from the Event Store from 08/01/2021. The heroine smashes the husks to smithereens, that is why they call her a “blood tracker”.

Dennis Jr generates powerful riffs.

Dennis Jr., Blond Beast, is an excellent critical and base health boost. The mythical hero is good at carnage and is able to generate powerful riffs that increase damage and change the attack speed with melee weapons.

Hit the road and Penny

It is necessary to help Penny get into the radio room and broadcast his musical composition.

Lok-Bot Set

The Lok-Bot set arrives at the store. By choosing this set, the player receives:

  • the opportunity to participate in the Fight the Storm PvE campaign and daily tasks;
  • a new hero named Lok-Bot;
  • character equipment;
  • back bling decoration (used in Creative mode and Battle Royale);
  • pickaxe-Lok Pick Pickaxe (used in Creative mode and in the mode of the Battle Royale);
  • exclusive Lok-Bot missions.

Completing Hero Challenges will bring you 1,000 V-Bucks and X-ray Tickets.

Important! Terrifying enemies, Lok-Bot's voice must be purchased separately.

Now you know what is happening at the main base and ready for any unexpected action!