Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 17 ends on September 12 - 14, 2021. The date may change, as has often happened before. After the release of the version 17.40 update, dataminers literally scanned all available files. Let's talk about what's new they found, and what awaits us very soon.

Fortnite map changes

The disappearance of old locations will not pass unnoticed. After the map update, in the 18th season, chapter 2 of Fortnite, we will be pleased with 3 new locations at once. The first update point will be called Cubes. You don't have to be a prophet to understand that the return of the purple Cube is already a proven fact, and it is necessary to provide a parking place for it. The second location is the Pyramids.


This information coincides with the news that the Mummy is expected to arrive on the island. Epics are preparing a hot sandy landscape for her. The last of the new locations in the files is called the Crash Site. What it is is still unclear, perhaps an update of the old area.

Map changes cause a discussion among the players also because for most of us old places are known as the back of our hands, and they make us bored. The general mood of the community is Epics, let's have more new locations!

Fortnite Season 18, Chapter 2 has a ton of new skins to come. The first, as always, is information about the outfits from collaborations, story skins usually appear later.

Naruto Skin

It is already absolutely certain that the Naruto skin will be presented next season. The Epic Games team has signed a contract with a publisher promoting popular manga and, perhaps, the Naruto skin is just the first swallow from anime heroes. Get your hard-earned V-Bucks ready. The promotion of cartoon characters will continue only if the developers see that players are ready to donate to the skin and cosmetics of the cartoon. According to our information, the Naruto skin will appear in the Battle Pass, the set will include the "Explosive Kunai" weapon.

Morty Skin

Another cartoon hero enters the Fortnite battlefield. Morty Skin is a logical addition to the skin of the intergalactic traveler Rick Sanchez from the fantastic cartoon series "Rick and Morty". The couple reunite and are ready to continue their adventures on our island. Morty’s grandson looks very hilarious, the designers put him in a wobbly cyber chair and called him Mechanical Morty (Mecha Morty), but this is unlikely to stop fans of the series. In addition to the skin, players will be able to purchase a pickaxe, emote, and wrap.

Singer J Balvin Skin

The Epic Games team, following Ariana Grande, is expanding the collection of musical skins. J Balvin, a from Colombia, working in the styles like Reggaeton, Latino Pop and Hip Hop singer, will land on Fortnite Island in September. Players will be able to purchase three character styles at once. The first of them is unlikely to surprise anyone: an ordinary guy in a black outfit and colorful sneakers. The second style is much more interesting: on the head of J Balvin there is a helmet resembling an exploding purple cube, and on the shoulder there is a dinosaur head. The third image came to us from the other world: the singer's torso is translucent, like on an X-ray, and a halo-crown shines over his head. An emotion will be added to skins for every taste.

Will Smith Skin

One of America's best-paid actors, Will Smith, will appear on Fortnite Island as a police officer from the action movie “Bad Boys”. This collaboration is tied to the September release of “Bad Boys 4”.

There was a big file leak recently. It became known that the game will be replenished with skins of the Cube Head, Wolf, Mummy, Halloween monsters. At the level of rumors, there is talk of a future collaboration with the cartoon "Monsters on Vacation". Information about the new open world mode with a completely changed map and new mechanics is also being actively discussed. Of course, Epics have prepared a powerful event for us and many surprises. And we will find out very soon how the plot will develop.