The Battle Pass is one of the main items in the Fortnite Battle Royale. This is a way to monetize gameplay. Players go through challenges, level up their skills and receive additional content. The alien invasion changed the playing field and fantastically pumped up this virtual document. With the help of it you can get stars, V-Bucks, cosmetics, unique gaming experience and special rewards.

There are several months of exciting battles ahead, the ability to complete all levels and unlock all the announced buns. Players who want to get ahead can always donate, purchase a Battle Pass, and stay ahead of the competition.


How Much Does Fortnite Battle Pass of Season 7, Chapter 2 Cost

Players have 2 options for obtaining a Battle Pass. The first method is active game, gaining experience and unlocking some items for free. This path is exciting, but energy consuming. Those users who do not have time for gradual progress are offered an alternative option - buying a Batt.

Access to the donated version of the pass starts at  950 V-Bucks (about $10). This is usually enough to make the gameplay more dynamic, but for 2800 V-Bucks (about $25) you can get even more preferences. The player acquires an extended set of awards and simply jumps over the first 25 levels.

Fortnite Battle Stars

In Season 7, Fortnite returned to the Gold Star Award List. This option was available early in the game. Combat stars helped characters climb Fortnite levels. In the new season, regardless of whether the donation was used or the player independently passed the tests, each increase in the level of the Battle Pass is accompanied by the award of 5 stars.

Some positions (for example, the Slone graffiti) are estimated at 3 gold stars, for others (the Zyg skin) you will have to pay 9 stars. And 5 stars can be exchanged for 100 V-Bucks. The main advantage of the innovation is that the player can independently decide in what order he wants to receive rewards.

Filling the Battle Pass

In the last Battle Pass, new allies have appeared, Superman himself enters the game. Participants can receive graffiti, emblems, pickaxes, backpacks and of course V-Bucks. The outdated gift collection system has been canceled. Now you can choose the skin to unlock yourself.

Each Battle pass page contains an exclusive locked reward, it is only opened after receiving all the other gifts of the page.

Battle Pass Level 100

Who doesn't dream of reaching level 100? The lucky ones who have overcome all the obstacles will meet the intergalactic traveler Rick Sanchez from the fantastic cartoon series “Rick and Morty”.

The owner of all 100 BP awards can exchange new stars for unique styles to equip their favorite characters.

Kymera The Alien

Players who purchased the Battle Pass gain access to the Kymera The Alien. This character is surprisingly changeable, he has 800,000 options from which to compose his image. How to do it? Collect Kymera’s artifacts, scattered across the island and exchanged for new alien styles. Or gather your own squad and uncover the secrets of the encrusted space chests.

The seventh season is gaining momentum, new tasks are set for players and a pumped-up battle pass opens up new opportunities, allowing you to independently choose rewards, which makes Fortnite only brighter and more exciting.