Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is set to start on 15.09.2021. Bit by bit, we've gathered information on what's expected at the end of Fortnite Season 7 and how the next season might start. As you can imagine, it is difficult to claim the veracity of the information obtained from the leaks, but very often it turns out to be real and is confirmed.

Bomb in the Corny Complex


The war with aliens is ongoing. Extraterrestrial civilization conducts exploration and gathers resources. The Slurpy Swamp, the Coral Castle have already been stolen, the next in turn is the Corny Complex, which contains a new bomb. We suspect that her explosion will start the final event of the season. In Season 7, players received an arsenal of high-tech weapons and a new form of transport - a flying saucer. Among YouTubers, the topic of the upcoming Armageddon and even the end of the second chapter and the beginning of the third are vividly discussed. Armageddon, of course, will be, but the end of the chapter is unlikely. We can definitely say that the end of the seventh season will be as epic as possible.

Cube Runes

Today we can confidently say that the 18th season will be held under the influence of the purple Cube. This is evidenced by the official trailer and the appearance of the cube at the very beginning of Ariana Grande's concert. This course of events is also indicated by the appearance of a rainbow. We could first see her in the 7th season of the first chapter, after the purple explosion.

Now the remains of Cube are in the Steamy stacks. It is believed that aliens will return him to Fortnite. They will use blueprints stolen from the Loop Theory base under the Corny Complex. According to other sources, the new purple Cube will be grown in the laboratory of the Loop Theory. According to an insider from a trusted source, the cube will be controlled by a character named Queen (perhaps it will be the Alien Queen herself), and the theme of the new season will overlap with Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 6.


As in previous years, the Halloween season is sure to play on this theme. We're expecting forward to new zombies and the festive Minty Legends Pack. Minty's Legendary Bundle will include:

  • 3 refreshing outfits;
  • 3 pickaxes;
  • 3 creepy back decorations;
  • 1 wrapper.

Back to School Event

Dataminers have announced an event dedicated to the school. Perhaps, in order to get new goodies from Epics, someone will have to go back to their desk and do a some homework.

Fortnite collaborations

Epic Games recently announced a collaboration with characters from the Justice League. The first skin, Wonder Woman, is already in stock. And the next hero, according to the data miners, will be Cyborg himself. We are waiting for the next tournament in which you can get a new outfit and cool presents for free.

We also received information about a new collaboration with the film “Evacuation”, as recently files with Tyler Rake's skin and a set of thematic equipment were found.

Is Fortnite an MMORPG?

Today, players are discussing whether Fortnite will feature a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The conversations began after the appearance of a picture made in a specific graphic style. It depicts 4 characters (Jonesy, Peely, Fishstick and Cuddlepool) in role-playing outfits. If Epics still decide to open an additional MMORPG mode, then this can significantly increase the number of fans of the game.

Battle Pass Season 8, Fortnight Chapter 2

The main feature of the BP of the 8th season is the Naruto skin. Also, dataminers promise the skin of the Alien - Founder, but this information is unreliable.

Story line

Fortnite Season 8, Chapter 2 will continue the battle between the Seven and the Loop Theory. Many players still have not decided which side they are on today. The OP raises many questions, their activities are opaque, and Dr. Sloan is unmotivated and aggressive. On the other hand, aliens are also a cause for concern. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that they are on the side of good and can save the remnants of human civilization.

Will we know who is who? Not yet known. But we can definitely say that very soon some secrets will be revealed and many storylines will become clearer. In the new season, we will have events, surprises, goodies, hype skins and interesting collaborations.