The Fortnite Crew is preparing for a new season 8 of Fortnite Chapter 2. And the legendary Midas continues to influence the development of the plot on our island: in three autumn months, players will be able to get three skins of characters from his immediate environment. It is known now that along with the first September patches, the Flaming Wolf skin will arrive in the store. In October we will see Chaos Origins, and the November updates will introduce to the public the Sierra brought back from oblivion. These are the First Shadows, Midas's most reliable and trusted allies.


September Battle Pass, Flaming Wolf skin

The Flaming Wolf skin is known most of all for its files not only lit up in the game database, Epic Games has already officially presented the September Fortnite Squad subscription. In addition to the Flaming Wolf skin, it will include a Battle Pass, 1000 V-Bucks and a bundle containing:

  • Flaming Wolf equipment;
  • Themed decoration on the back;
  • Twin picks "Burning Fangs".

The skin will have 2 styles. The second, bonus style with additional effects, will be available to those players who purchase the full fall subscription package.

The black outfit with pink details will appeal to players who have seen the flourishing of the emo subculture. All jokes, but do not forget that the Burning Wolf is of noble origin. This is a cruel, unrestrained creature, destroying everything in its path. It was not in vain that Midas entrusted him with his own safety. The story of each of the characters will gradually unfold over the course of the Fall Fortnite season, and perhaps we will change our minds more than once about the heroes and antiheroes who create the game's lore.

How do I get the “First Shadows” Bonus Styles?

The Flaming Wolf, Primordial Chaos and Sierra, in addition to the main skin, will have additional bow options with special effects. They will only be available to players who sign up for the September, October, and November Battle Pass subscriptions.

Fortnite Crew Kit

The Summer Skye Crew Kit is valid until September 1. Those who subscribe before 09/12/2021 will receive:

  • 1000 V-Bucks;
  • Season 7 Battle Pass;
  • Season 8 Battle Pass,
  • Summer Dream skin with a cosmetic set;
  • Burning Wolf skin with a cosmetic set.

The subscription fee in September 2021 remains unchanged - the equivalent of $ 11.99.

What do you need to know to subscribe to the Battle Pass?

According to Epic Games rules, a subscription is available to people who have reached the age of majority in their country of residence (in different countries from 18 to 21 years old).

When purchasing a subscription, give preference to proven platforms that have a license agreement with Epic Games (Playstation, Switch, Xbox). This is important because a personal subscription is associated with the platform on which it was purchased, and only on this platform V-Bucks can be exchanged. The limitation applies only to in-game currency, access to items is possible from other platforms.

The subscription fee is renewed monthly by default. It is removed exactly one month after paying for the previous Battle Pass. If you intend to end your subscription, you must notify the administration through your Fortnite account. Epic Games reserves the right to change the subscription terms as necessary, without personal notice.

Important! Active BP subscribers get monthly access to the current Seasonal Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, and a unique set of Fortnite cosmetic items.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8, is starting very soon. The First Shadows appeared on the horizon, and the Flaming Wolf prepared to leap. Join the September Fortnight Squad!