The tension is growing! Aliens are already in full swing on the map, abductions continue. The Slurpy Swamp floats directly into the flagship, the number of nanobots is simply off scale, biomes with low gravity are capturing new locations. While all this looks strange, some of the characters are even ready to cooperate with an unknown civilization. But, if a variety of superheroes arrive on Fortnite Island, then it looks like things are completely bad and smells like an unprecedented mess.



The DC Multiverse has brought Superman himself to Fortnite! Superman's abilities, his superintelligence, superpower, super speed must adequately resist the cunning and technologies of the aliens. The Battle Pass of the 7th season (second chapter) has already opened the tasks, so hurry up to return the lost memory to Clark Kent, and in return get a set of rewards and try on the image of a person born on Krypton. Let's say right away that this is not easy. In order for Superman to remember his personality, players will have to go through 9 tasks and only then they will have access to:

  • Emoji “Call to Action”;
  • Graffiti "Superman Crest";
  • Clark Kent's stylish outfit.

Important! Do not forget to cooperate with other characters, Beastboy and Batman will help you.

Since, for Superman, the flight to Fortnite did not pass without a trace, the players must not only return the hero's memories, but also restore his strength. Complete the next series of missions and receive the Daily Planet Back Decoration and the Secret Identity emote. With this emotion, you can transform the appearance of Clark Kent and go into the Superman skin and, in the same way, return the character to the image of an office plankton.

The list of "superman" awards includes:

  • Pickaxe;
  • Hang glider;
  • Superman flag;
  • Loading screen;
  • Skin "Shadow";
  • Back decoration.


The Marvel team has added another character. Green-haired Gamora has arrived on Fortnite Island! If Superman is the only surviving person on the planet Krypton, then Gamora is the only one who survived from all the inhabitants of the planet Zehoberey. She hates aliens fiercely and is very dangerous. The appearance of the Guardian of the Galaxy is accompanied by the arrival of a series of cosmetic items in the store. It traditionally includes a pickaxe, back decoration, graffiti, and a hang glider.

Gamora decided to train her allies, so she held a tournament on 11/08//2021. The first 50 places on the list were considered prizes. The first place winner received 42 points and a set of equipment.


Bloodsport, who wounded İron Man with a kryptonite bullet, materialized on our island in early August. Its appearance coincided with the release of the movie "Suicide Squad: Mission Bash". It is possible that Superman's memory loss is associated not only with the difficult flight to Fortnite island, but also with the events that happened in the film itself.

If you appreciate a good shootout, then you will be interested in the Bloodsport skin, as well as the decoration on the back, a pickaxe, a wrapper and 4 graffiti attached to it.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, the famous Gotham City supervillain who dropped in on the island at the beginning of the year, unveiled her new style in August. Players can now opt for a black and red Harley Quinn look that even dyes the fickle beauty's hair in these contrasting, aggressive colors.

With the 17.30 update, the game has an imbe gravure grab, highlighting artifacts, a strange tree, looking at which, everyone decided that Goblin would soon be resurrected. Datamines promise the return of the Fortnite Star-Lord skin in the very near future.

In the meantime, on all billboards of the island, when approaching, the inscription "Obey" appears. Obviously aliens are trying to influence the spirit and break the resistance of the Fortnight fighters in this way. And, if it is no longer possible to stop the invasion, then in whatever skin the character is playing, you can always fight and go down in Fortnite history.