Fortnite Chapter 2 fans were able to experience a lot of the most incredible updates in 2021. At first glance, it may seem that after the colossal flood when the water levels went down, the map has taken a usual form. However, the flood did not pass unnoticed. Players will find not only unexpected and surprising cartographic discoveries, but also new opportunities for grinding. Characters can master transformed locations and replenish their inventory with building materials, precious items, weapons and other loot.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2

Looting in Fortnite is a philosophy of survival and victory. Today we're going to share some of the best farming spots on the updated map in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2.


Ant Manor

Ant Manor is a miniature part of the Marvel Universe relocated to Fortnite. The themed location can be found on the south of Sweaty Sands and on the east of Holly Hedges. There are Easter eggs and Chests hidden in the Manor of Ants. Jump on rubber dog toys and get your loot.

Dirty Docks

Dirty Docks are located in the eastern part of the map, look for them a little north of the Steamy Stacks. The location is on the seaside and consists of piles of containers, industrial warehouses, cranes, trucks. It is a very popular place where many characters are hanging around all the time. Dirty Docks attracts all this public with a large number of precious chests and other goodies. You can also get a Wolverine trophy from Fortnite in Dirty Docks. This is a MustHave for all professional players. Do not get hung up on buildings, check the rocks, there you can also find a lot of interesting things. You will love the vast landscape of Dirty Docks, which allows you to efficiently farm the materials.

Trask Transport Truck

Northwest of Doom’s Domain, next to Locke's Lighthouse on an old section of highway, there is an abandoned purple truck that looks like it got here straight from the Marvel Universe. Do not be too lazy to linger near this whopper. Anyone who sneaks in will receive a bonus of 15,000 experience and may be able to drive away in a Mudflap truck. Players will find several precious chests along the road between the trees.

Doom’s Domain

The Doom’s Domain is located in the north of the map. It appeared on the site of the former Pleasant Park. The sinister Doctor Doom took over the area and built a statue of his own in the center of the town. Along with him, there appeared heavily armed henchmen and some unique enemies. This does not stop looters of all stripes, who are eager to get into the Dooms Domain to snatch their part of the loot. Maybe not everyone knows, but if the character defeats the supervillain himself, he will get access to the precious vault and will be able to plunder it for his own pleasure. The Doom Domain Master can be found near the statue, next to the tower, or by the bunker.

The Authority

The Authority is a hotspot that has many opportunities for profit. A massive sea dam reliably protects the location. Extreme lovers can get to The Authority by boat, starting from Fortilla. And yet, it is better to get to the place by helicopter, it is safer, and also saves time and energy.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has prepared many extraordinary locations for users. Let's find out where the most successful and tempting places are.

Sweaty Sands

Players will be able to find Sweaty Sands in the northeastern part of the map, right below  the Coral Castle. The beach town may seem like the most peaceful place on the map, as it beckons with azure water, golden sand and a comfortable pier. But, there is also a place for action here. The best place to land is the roof of the highest building on the coast, Hotel 23, which stores ammunition supplies and chests with all sorts of goodies. In the surrounding buildings, there is also something for both professionals and beginners to profit from.

Sentinel Graveyard

The Guardians' Cemetery is located near Lazy Lake, next to the Misty Meadows. The bodies of the purple giants from Marvel are scattered throughout the territory. The task of the character is to dance over the three heads of the broken robots. To climb up, get on the glowing elements on the hands of the Guardians. When jumping, be sure to use the dance emotion. Other players may interfere with the task, and the challenge will take a little longer than expected. The persistent player who completes the mission in the Sentinel Graveyard will receive bonus experience (up to 25,000 points) and level up the Battle Pass.

Steamy Stacks

Steamy Stacks is a huge nuclear power plant owned by Kevolution Energy. It is located in the northeastern part of the map. Due to such a remote location, there are not as many players here as in the central areas. Steamy Stacks is a good place to start the route, there is a lot of useful loot here.

Fortnite Quinjet Patrol

The Quinjet patrol landing sites can appear simultaneously at four different points on the map. These locations change from match to match. Fortnite Quinjet Patrol is easy to spot with vertical columns of blue smoke. On the main map and on the minimap, they are marked with a white Quinjet icon. We do not recommend landing directly on the Fortnite Quinjet Patrol, it is better to choose a place nearby and prepare well for the battle.

Five Fortnite Stark robots guard the Quinjet Patrol landing site. If you destroy them, you can obtain the Fortnite Stark Industries Energy Rifle. A downed Stark robot can be hacked and turned into an ally. The Trophy Rifle fires in two modes, depending on whether the player is aiming or shooting from the hip. Before leaving the landing site of the Fortnite Quinjet Patrol, evaluate the horizon. In the sky near the location, there are often flying supply drones of Stark Industries, if you shoot them down, you can replenish your arsenal with rare or even mythical weapons.

Continuous improvement

The developers are creatively working on the Fortnite map. New hotspots, exciting loot spots, unexpected enemies and their minions are constantly appearing on the island. Old places are also updated and present users with surprises and challenges. Each of the locations on our list has a lot of looting potential on the way to the Victory Royale.