Everyone makes mistakes, both novice players and cybercottle. The faster a beginner figures out the nuances of the gameplay, the more confident he will feel on the Fortnite map.

Mistake # 1: Hasty jump to a Fortnite location

Correctly and accurately flying to the location means gaining an advantage in time and having time to pick up weapons while others are still hanging on parachutes. The glider always unfolds at a height of 10 meters from the relief of the island. If the parachute is triggered over the mountain, then it is very early. Consider the angle of incidence. You can check empirically, a fall at 45 degrees will bring the character to the ground faster than a fall at 90 degrees and then glide to a point.


Mistake # 2: Don't add a label

When the safe zone begins to narrow, be sure to place a mark to understand the direction of travel. People often fly into the lobby when the area starts to move. They mistakenly run in the wrong direction and end the match so unsuccessfully.

Mistake # 3: Not keeping track of the time and movement of the fog

Do not wait for the zone to start moving, immediately punch the route and run. Remember that both those who have already entered the zone and those who are running behind and shooting in the back pose a danger. Don't get involved in unnecessary combat. When there is fog, it is more important to run to a safe place.

Mistake # 4: Making a lot of noise while moving

Do not make noise, loud sounds will unmask you and attract opponents. For example, if you need to go on a boat, do it for a very short period of time, and then disembark and run away. And in order to hear well everything that is happening around you, buy yourself good headphones.

Mistake # 5: Forgetting to farm and not saving resources

Collect loot along the route. In Fortnite, resources are needed to defend; without them, the chances of winning are drastically reduced. Don't build useless locks, use materials wisely.

Mistake # 6: Ignore construction

Beginners tend to rush into battle, focus on shooting, and forget to balance their skills. To give damage to the enemy, you need to be able to quickly remove the wall. To defend oneself, one must be able to quickly build an elementary block. If this fails, the character ends the game very quickly.

Skills need to be pumped all the time, so to master editing, go into creative mode and practice, practice, practice until this option becomes automatic.

Mistake # 7: Not being able to quickly and correctly destroy walls

For beginners, a situation often happens when a player breaks someone else's wall and tries to put up his own, and as a result receives damage. Why is this happening? The character stands back to back, he cannot break someone else's building, but puts his wall behind the enemy's back and easily falls under enemy fire. If you move away from the wall and swing the pickaxe, the result will be much better. Don't stand too close to the wall.

Mistake # 8: Restore health in the open areas

It takes a few seconds to restore health. At this time, the character is completely defenseless. If you drink a potion or bandage in an open area, then the chance of merging increases many times. It is also bad to use someone else's constructions for treatment. In such a building, a shot can arrive from nowhere. Heal only in your building or hiding behind a tree or stone.

Mistake # 9: Playing the game predictably

Each Fortnite player develops their own playstyle over time. The best results, as a rule, are achieved by those who know how to combine aggressive combat and thoughtful defensive tactics. But, for beginners, the main thing is to quickly learn the subtleties of the game, to understand how the weapon works, to feel the taste of victory.

Playing on the defensive will teach you little, at the beginning of your career it is worth learning an aggressive style. And only over time, having understood the subtleties of the game, having learned to control the character, the players begin to understand that they should not fit into any alignment. It makes no sense to break into enemies without assessing your position, and without choosing a convenient moment to attack. Master different styles, develop new skills, then your behavior will be difficult to predict, and it will be difficult to inflict damage on you.

Mistake # 10: Playing with awkward bindings

Master normal binds. Many people play on inconvenient bindings only because they learned it right away and do not want to retrain. As a result, they waste time and slow down their progress.

New Fortnite players are just starting to gain experience. It's okay to make mistakes, absolutely everyone fails. The main thing is to understand in time what you are doing wrong, to analyze the situation and change for the better. We wish you all Royal Victories!