On August 17, 2021, an update to version 17.40 was released in Fortnight. The UFO attack continues: after the Slurpy Swamp, the Coral Castle goes into the hatch of the alien ship.. Next, the alien flagship is heading to the Corny Complex.

New temporary mode - Impostors Fortnite

With the new patch, Fortnite introduces a temporary Impostor mode.


Before the start of the update, Epic Games has released a trailer dedicated to the upcoming events. From this it became known that the Loop Theory is not some newly created organization that arose to counter the aliens, but a government that has retained its power for thousands of years.

Another OP crisis began with the betrayal of Agent Jones. As it turned out, he had an accomplice. How can you find it? To normalize work, updates of Dr. Sloan's secret unit will be carried out. Players who unlocked the Impostors mode will help to identify the traitors.

Conditions and rules of the Impostors Mode

The Impostors mode will operate at the secret base of the Loop Theory. Agents must complete assigned tasks, identify traitors and vote against impostors. The impostors, in turn, must kill agents and, in no case, betray themselves.

Upon opening the Impostors mode, the player gets his role and begins to perform tasks. The party is for 4-10 characters. In a group of up to 7 players, there is only 1 person of impostors, in a group of 8-10 fighters there will always be 2 counteragents.

Impostors can wreak chaos and confusion. To do this, they can temporarily disable tasks, cover their tracks and move other characters to unexpected places, as well as throw a Banana party. During the last option, all players find themselves in the Banana skin and it becomes incredibly difficult to understand who killed the agent.

Do not trust anyone!

The in-game voice chat is disabled while the mode is active. Characters have access to a quick chat menu and new emotions and gestures. Heroes can show joy, clap, point a finger, beckon, shake their heads affirmatively, wave their hands. All these emotions are needed for negotiations during the identification of impostors. Each player can only be confident in himself, which is why it is so important to be on the alert and not trust even trusted friends. After all, the program can give them the opposite role. If you find a killed agent, report it. Follow everyone and trust no one!

The discussion has begun!

After being invited to negotiate, all the characters gather and express their opinion about who is the traitor who has wormed himself into the company of law-abiding people. All this is very similar to the game of Mafia. This is where the pointing gesture and other emotions come in handy. Killed characters also participate in the discussion. The decision is made by a general vote, the character indicated by the majority is sent straight to the underworld. As you can imagine, very often players remove an agent instead of an impostor. While watching everyone, remember that it is important for you not only to survive, but also to complete all tasks.

How to play with friends?

Open the tab with the list of friends, click on the settings icon (gear), and select one of the three possible positions:

  • Open group (everyone can participate);
  • Closed group (participation by personal invitation);
  • Friends (friends are involved, as well as friends of your friends).

The Cube Returns to Fortnite!

The main surprise of the update: in the control room there is a machine with a small purple Cube. We do not know if it is a holographic projection or a real new cube that is created right in the OP bunker. The second version is more likely. So the predictions of the data miners about the return of the Cube have come true in full.

While moving around the bunker, players will find information about the Seven, see where Dr. Sloan works, and enter the hall where the Zero Point is located. Absolutely everyone will have access to the weapons laboratory, the room of the guards with the combat bus, the kitchen, the cafe, the wardrobe, and the bedrooms. But, the coolest point that will be shown to Fortnite fans is the Chest Filling and Fortnight Llamas production facilities.

The designers of Epic Games have tried their best, the graphics and animation of the mode are beyond praise. Even the glade waiting for the start of the match is coolly drawn in futuristic pink and turquoise colors. If you are careful, you will find an aquarium with a shark in the underground bunker.

Important! A map pops up in the lower right corner. Focus on it so as not to waste time on useless running around.

Complete tasks of Impostors mode and be careful. Your choice will help the Loop Theory to neutralize alien agents and restore the balance of power on the island of Fortnite!