The last month of summer will be rich in Fortnite news. Since 2017, fans of the survival sim have seen crossovers with the NBA, Marvel Comics, NFL, and many sports and art stars. Events continue to evolve, and the characters participating in the game can try on a variety of new and relevant skins and accessories.

Summer Skye

A new character joins the Fortnite squad. The Epic Games company has announced the original female skin, the traveler and adventurer of Summer Skye. The image is based on a drawing by the player and artist nollobandz. The new heroine is designed to embody mischief, easy mood and changeable August weather, as well as sympathy for the cat family.


The update will take place on 1.07.2021. The Summer Skye Bundle consists of:

  • Skin "Summer Skye";
  • Back Bling "Cursed Eagle Shield";
  • Loading Screen "Afternoon Quest";
  • Pickaxe "Epic Sword of Might";
  • Two wraps (PsPsPsPs! and Cattitude) designed by Mister Meowscles (light and dark appearance).

The "Cattitude" wrap with the dark essence of Mister Meowscles matches the stormy style of Summer Skye.

Suicide Squad supervillain Bloodsport joins Fortnite Battle Royale

The Fortnite Battle Royale team will be joined by Bloodsport from the new "Suicide Squad Mission Bash". The villain is embodied by the actor Idris Elba, his image will be implemented on the gaming platform. The Superman comic book anti-hero will appear in Fortnite Battle Royale on August 3, 2021. This is far from the first squad member to "collaborate" with Epic Games. Other personalities created by DC Comics have included Catwoman, Joker and Batman in Fortnite. The intrigue is that it is very likely that even more characters from the suicide squad will be added to the game. Whether this is true or not, we will find out in the very near future.

Fan poll

Fortnite's incredible crossovers inspired Epic Games to expand this format. Just recently, players have seen the skins of the NBA Superstar LeBron James and the outstanding e-sportsman Bugha.

Epic Games marketers are trying to optimize collaboration and find out which celebrities are most attractive to Fortnite players. Therefore, a small poll was recently sent to the most dedicated fans. It contains a list of names of candidates for skin development. This is a common practice; the company has long developed a mechanism for interacting with focus groups that help developers figure out the nuances of user reactions to changes in the game.

In May of this year, the first questionnaire on planned collaborations was sent out and, as we learned, Wanda Vision and Naruto were present.

The latest list, which appeared the other day, has a lot of cartoon characters. Who would you like to see on the island: SpongeBob SquarePants or the duet of Tom and Jerry, or maybe the whole family of Family Guy from the show "Family Guy"?

Among the promising characters is the name of the famous streamer TimTheTatman (Timothy John Betar). His activity on Twitch contributed a lot to the popularity of Fortnite after the game's release in 2017.

Also included in the survey are the names:

  • Gamer and streamer DrLupo;
  • Edward Sheeran - English actor and singer;
  • Queen TikTok Dixie Charli Grace D'Amelio;
  • Heroes of the manga "Haikyuu".

Fortnite updates skins 2 times a month, which means that in the near future we will have a company of very famous and creative characters. Who would you vote for?