Why is Fortnite attracting millions of players? Why does the commitment to Fortnite last for years? What did the guys at Epic Games do to us? Let's think about it together…


The most obvious answer that lies on the surface: Fortnite is fun to play! Very interesting! Excitingly interesting! But why? Something happens all the time in Fortnite. Players are simply not allowed to get bored. In addition, everyone can choose a suitable type of game. Most players are PvP in Battle Royale. Fans of PvE adventures can sign up for the Fight the Storm mode. The islands of the Creative Mode are open for creative people. And everyone who wants a chill out with friends can hang out at the Royal Party.


Epic Games takes everyone's interests into account!

Once in the world of Fortnite, players are amazed at the variety of collaborations. For sports lovers, skins are created for athletes (for example, the skin of the basketball player James LeBron), and entertainment such as the Pele Tournament is organized. Music lovers can attend an interactive concert of world-class stars. Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Dominic Fike visited the virtual stage of Fortnite.

Collaboration with the Marvel Universe has given players many great skins: Wolverine, Iron Man, She-Hulk. The fans of cartoons also have the opportunity to transform into their favorite characters. That there is a couple of Rick and Morty from the eponymous fantastic cartoon series! And dataminers report that an avalanche of anime skins awaits us soon.

In Fortnite, there are so many different well-known characters that we began to forget that this is actually a game, and not a party of superstars. What is important is that as a result of this diversity, each player finds for himself something that pleases him personally.


Fortnite fans are already used to seasons changing events. But Epics keep us in good shape all the time. Events dedicated to Christmas and Halloween, concerts and tournaments of various ranks constantly appear in the players' calendar. Interactive events give everyone the opportunity to participate in the creation of the game's story and feel like a superhero.

Lore Fortnite

At first, Fortnite's storyline seems unimportant, with players preferring good combat. But, over time, it becomes interesting: what are the cubes doing here, where did the aliens come from, what the Loop Theory is known for, and why is so much attention focused on Agent Jones? Despite the fact that the history of the game seems confusing, it has its own logic and develops according to the plan of the developers.

Fortnite is a TV series game. Players fight in a world that has a past, and sooner or later, they have to think about what will happen next. That is why there is always so much hype around Fortnite, leaked data miners and just predictions of YouTube dreamers.

Friendly community

Despite the multi-million dollar community, the online Fortnite community is not aggressive. Moreover, thanks to the game, many teenagers find virtual friends here and learn to establish social connections. In many ways, this situation arose due to the fact that the organization of the gameplay itself does not imply tough competition.


Fortnite's gameplay is beginner-friendly. At the initial stages of the game, bots for training help to navigate in space and rules. Fighting with them, the noob learns the basics of the game, acquires basic skills and gradually moves on to real battles.

The important thing is that there are no ratings in Fortnite. Statistics do not put pressure on the mind, each player does not worry about his rank, but simply gets high from adrenaline situations. In addition, in Fortnite it is easy to keep track of the completion of tasks and your own progress.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is updated with each season, and the seasons themselves do not last long, 2-3 months. Opening the map, you can see a list of all possible missions, as well as tips for locations. At any time, you can easily and simply pick up a convenient task near your location. Completing missions is quite realistic, and the list of gifts will delight even the most picky player.

Fortnite has its own style. Gamers are drawn to the cartoon, the attention to detail is great optimization and performance. Fortnite Island travels in space and time, changes the map, locations, mechanics, but invariably surprises with something new and unexpected. All this evokes sincere emotions, stimulates interest in the further development of events and the continuation of the game. That is why Fortnite does not let go old players and constantly attracts newcomers.